The garden house from Pompeii, the Casa del Giardino – carries with it more Surprises. Recently, it has been discovered, an “escape horse”. The animal waited all bridled and saddled, to carry to its owner from the doomed city. But the – probably, a high military never came, so death overtook by the rain of ash the animal.

We reported: Ready for the escape – saddled horse in Pompeii discovered

In the same building, it has now been found a small wooden box. The box was expired, only the hinges are still present. However, the contents of the Box has survived the times without prejudice, preserved from the ash.

excavation of gems and the skull of a servant of Pompeii, time capsule of the female life,

conjured up, It is a little time capsule, which allows an unusual insight into the feminine life before 2000 years. The 100 small objects belonged to the artisan castes of a sorceress. Including buttons made of bone, carved scarab beetles, small penises, small skulls, and dolls, the report of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. “They are objects of everyday life in the female world, and so extraordinary, because they tell micro-stories, biographies of the residents of the city, trying to escape the outbreak,” said Massimo Osanna, the Director of the archaeological Park. Particularly interesting: It is related to neither gems nor precious metals for the items. Therefore, is not to assume that the magical utensils included, despite the high artistic Standards of a woman of the upper class. Massimo Osanna is believed that they were in the possession of a servant or slave.

the holiday resort of the upper class

The garden house is part of the complex of a Villa in a suburb of Pompeii. It is believed that the building belonged to an important military commander. The eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 ad led the flock to the great lava. A majority of the then-destroyed cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, were covered by an ash rain that covered a building and the people and animals below. Controversial is how the people came to death. Previously, it was believed that they had been covered by the hot Lava or the ash crushed. Meanwhile, it is assumed that death befell the majority of earlier and they were killed by poisonous gases and by some kind of extremely hot flame tongues. New analyses of the Remains of the dead suggest that extreme heating, which came so quickly that the Victims are literally the blood boiled and the skull exploded due to the sudden expansion of a quasi.

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died, The letters of Pliny the Younger give a detailed insight about the outbreak. He describes the watch as his uncle – Pliny the Elder – the natural phenomenon and people on the coast wanted to save. Pliny the Elder died in the attempt.

good luck charm and protection spell Rome Villa of the Praetorian guard in U-construction, found – so-luxurious living of the ancient Romans

The items in the treasure box are magical items, and on the other, there are ritual pieces of jewelry that were worn by the women during special ceremonies. Many of the items indicate a love spell and applications in connection with childbirth and pregnancy. In a piece of the head of Dionysus, engraved, on another a dancing Satyr. “There are dozens of lucky charms and objects, which at the time the force was attributed to misfortune, ward off,” said Osanna, the news Agency ANSA

The scientists assume that the owner is still in the garden of the house. “We discovered a room with ten Victims, including women and children, and now we are trying, thanks to the DNA analysis of kinship relationships. Maybe this precious Box one of these victims belonged to”, in hopes of Osanna.

Revised of the outbreak

in addition to the saddled horse was discovered in the Casa del Giardino is an inscription, suggesting that the eruption in the year 79 ad, was held in October and not in August as previously thought. Pompeii and Herculaneum were a kind of holiday towns for the rich Roman upper class, hence the large amount of costly splendour can be explained buildings. Also the terraces of the Villa to which it belonged, the garden house, saw on the middle of the Gulf of Naples and the island of Capri. In the time of 27 BC, the Roman Emperor Tiberius retired to the island and drew from there, the fortunes of the Empire.

source: Archaeological Park of Pompeii

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