Google stops in Europe, the practice to have the shots from his networked speakers of people evaluate. The Internet group, in response to an initiative by the Hamburg data protection officer Johannes Caspar.

The stop is valid throughout the EU, initially for three months, such as the data protection announced on Thursday.

Caspar initiated an administrative procedure against the Internet group to Listen to the recordings by a Google employee or a service provider, say under. Three months the period for which he can intervene, because, in principle, responsible to the Irish data protection for Google in Europe authority.

The Hamburg data protection in Germany is for Google, because the company has its office in Germany. Caspar suggested similar measures by the competent authorities against other wizards, such as Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri voice.

In the past few months, it became known that Amazon, Google and Apple’s voice assistant, and a part of the images of people evaluate in order to improve the accuracy of speech recognition. They emphasise that the fragments are anonymized. At the same time, the financial service Bloomberg reported that Amazon-a service provider would be displayed in part on the serial numbers of the devices and the first name of the user.

Caspar pointed specifically to a couple of weeks ago known recordings of Google-Home-recordings from the Netherlands. As by the report of the Whistleblower have shown, could be recorded calls to the part of sensitive personal information from the Private and intimate sphere of the persons Concerned, refer to, argues the data pads. In addition, the recordings were started in part because of faulty activation. So Google got sentences that were not intended for the language assistant.

Caspar said he had “considerable doubt” that the Google Assistant will fulfill the requirements of the EU data protection basic regulation (DSGVO). It provides, among other things, that users must be informed about the use of their data sufficiently to be able to agree.

Up to the first reports in the media, was hardly known to the public, that people get the recordings of the language assistants to hear. Apple noted, however, in a security document to the fact that “a small number of transcriptions” can be used for the improvement of the service.

Google had already referred to the Whistleblower report in July that the practice is to improve the understanding of different languages. Only around 0.2 per cent would be the voice of all the recordings of voice experts evaluated. The Audio fragments were not assigned to user Accounts and the employees were instructed only to the wizard language literally into your system of targeted rates.

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