A verheimli enabled hacker attack on Uber. the car service intermediary is a financial repercussions in Europe, The data protection authorities in the UK and the Netherlands imposed against the U.S. company for penalties of more than one Million euros

the attack in the fall of 2016, which had concealed About a year, were a total of 57 million users, and affected drivers. Uber kept the attack a secret, and paid the hackers $ 100,000 for the promise to destroy the data. Publicly, the data theft was first made a year ago, after the current CEO Dara Khosrowshahi took the lead.

The Dutch data protection authority imposed on Tuesday a fine of 600,000 euros, because Uber did not informed within 72 hours to the authorities and Affected. In the country of 174,000 citizens were, therefore, victims of the Hacks. In the UK, where it goes to 2.7 million customers and nearly 82,000 drivers, Uber numbers reached 385,000 pounds (about 434.000 EUR).