There are certainly more exciting games as a “Sea Hero’s Quest”. Became a Hit the free Adventure Game of the German Telekom for Android and Apple devices anyway. More than three million people have guided for well over a year, a small boat, for example, by means of an ice-covered polar landscape, and only to the icebergs and the bays are oriented. Neither GPS nor compass assisted the players in search of a treasure. You have to memorize a map and then off you go.

the App-the Navigator trained his memory, and the researchers will collect anonymized data about the spatial orientation of people of all ages. After each level, the player is not able to answer questions as to his Person, particularly to his Fitness, but he must. The findings have been incorporated in the most comprehensive study on dementia research.

Sea Hero Quest to Play against the Forget thanks to VR even more precise measurements

“The mobile games ‘Sea Hero’s Quest’ has provided us with an unprecedented amount of data, we were able to the ability to spatial orientation in the population cross-section measure”, says Dr Hugo Spiers from University College London. The neuro-scientists Spiers, together with colleagues from the University College London and the University of East Anglia, as well as the non-profit organization, Alzheimer’s Research UK to the theorists behind the games-App.

With the version of “Sea Hero’s Quest” for Virtual Reality are now registered even the smallest body movements of the players. Ten times per second, the movements will be recorded when the player moves in different virtual environments. Movements on all three axes of a head position can be detected. According to Telekom’s two minutes of playing time equivalent to approximately five hours of traditional clinical research.

now you can download owner of a Samsung Gear VR game on the Oculus Store for free. In addition, interested parties can play in more than 100 Telekom-shop “Sea Hero Quest VR” in the guest. On the IFA the game at the Telekom Stand. The classic game “Sea Hero Quest” are still in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Interview, “Sea Hero Quest” How can an online game, the dementia research, Dr. Spiers?

dementia is one of the most mysterious diseases of today’s time. The games-App “Sea Hero Quest,” will deliver an important contribution to the research. How exactly does this work?