Hidetaka Miyazaki, the president of FromSoftware, has always had a deep love for tabletop RPGs and their immersive worlds filled with quests and monsters. This passion is evident in the games he designs, especially in Elden Ring. The game’s vast map is reminiscent of the fantasy worlds Miyazaki adored as a child, such as Middle-earth from Lord of the Rings and Azeroth from Warcraft.

Elden Ring pays homage to the RPGs of the ’80s with its dungeons filled with skeletons, reminiscent of the classic dungeons found in games like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Miyazaki explained that capturing the excitement of those old tabletop games was a key aspect of creating Elden Ring.

Despite being more accessible than FromSoftware’s previous RPGs, Elden Ring still lacks some modern features like a quest log. Miyazaki admitted that he prefers RPGs that require players to explore and piece together the world map on their own, rather than relying on hand-holding mechanics.

In a recent interview, Miyazaki revealed that Elden Ring is a step towards creating his ideal fantasy RPG, although it’s not quite there yet. He mentioned that one of the challenges in achieving his vision is the fact that he knows everything about the game since he’s the creator. He expressed a desire for someone else to create his ideal fantasy game so he can experience it as a player, without prior knowledge of what will happen.

When asked if short-term amnesia could help him enjoy his own games more, Miyazaki humorously dismissed the idea, fearing he might get frustrated and break the controller. Despite the challenges, Miyazaki continues to strive towards creating his perfect fantasy RPG.

Miyazaki’s dedication to crafting immersive and challenging RPG experiences is evident in Elden Ring, a game that draws inspiration from classic tabletop adventures while pushing the boundaries of the genre. As fans eagerly await his next project, it’s clear that Miyazaki’s passion for creating unforgettable worlds will continue to shape the future of RPG gaming.