“Clips” — a new service of “Vkontakte”, which allows you to record a short music video in the spirit of TikTok — becomes available to all users starting today. Still the opportunity of publishing commercials had only a few hundreds of invited authors, said Вестям.Ru the company.

to start shooting, you need to go mobile application “Vkontakte”, to open the camera in the tab “Clips” and show a gesture ✌. The social network gives wide scope for creativity: to the video, you can attach music tracks from a catalog, pasted stickers and try on virtual masks.

in addition, the desired video effect you can choose in advance and activate it in a certain gesture right while shooting (for example, showing 👌 ✋ 👍 👎 ✊ ☝️ 👈 🤙 ❤️). “Authors dozens of AR-effects: for example, movement of hands to disperse the clouds or doing photo collages, and show gestures to speed or send the viewers hearts” — said the press service.

in Addition to gesture control, other unique features of the “Clips” are integration into the existing social graph and smart recommendation platform. Videos that are published on the new service, see all friends and followers, and to choose the most interesting content for display in the belts helps the new recommendation platform, taking into account the “billions of signals about users ‘interests”.

From June 4 to put videos could only a few hundred of celebrities (Natalie Portman, Catherine Barnabas, Evgeny Kulik, Ilya Sobolev, Philip Kirkorov, and others). Now the shoot function in “Clips” available users the latest version of the mobile application and all its open in the coming days. Later, the video can be published on behalf of the community.

For two weeks, “Clips” “have attracted the attention of 36 million people and collected 1.56 billion hits,” said Director of product “Vkontakte” Marina Krasnova. “Users have given 62 million marks ‘Like’ and leave 700 thousand comments,” she added.

Text: To.Hi-tech