The second mandate of Anne Hidalgo at the head of Paris promises to be eventful. The mayor of the capital is dragging her low score in the first round of the presidential election (1.7% of the votes cast) like a ball. A boon for the opposition, in particular the elected LR Rachida Dati. During the city council of the city of Paris, Tuesday, July 5, the fiercest opponent of the elected PS denounced the “political inaction” of the former presidential candidate.

Rachida Dati “still has not won an election, I remind you,” replied the elected socialist, giving the floor to her main opponent, whom she had beaten during her re-election in 2020.

“Always beaten on your name!” When you win an election on your name, you will alert us”, replied Rachida Dati, mayor of the 7th arrondissement, who considers that the mayor of Paris, elected in a list ballot by arrondissement, was not directly elected. by Parisians. “You’ve been losing for twenty years,” the mayor told her opponent, referring to the four successive municipal failures of the Parisian right.

On the merits, Anne Hidalgo again criticized the State for having “not lived up to its commitments to date” and announced that she wanted to “initiate all possible litigation at the administrative level” to ” assert the rights of Parisians”.

“Paris has become a poor city,” commented Rachida Dati, blaming her rival for “a 112% increase” in the capital’s debt, which she says reaches 10 billion euros. David Alphand, another elected LR, called for a “city debt reduction strategy”.

Criticizing the “expensive street furniture” of the Place du Panthéon, the mayor (DVD) of the 5th arrondissement, Florence Berthout, asked the majority on the left to “put an end to expensive projects”, in particular that of the redevelopment between the Trocadéro and the Eiffel Tower.

Pierre Casanova (MoDem) proposed “special Council sessions devoted to the establishment of a budgetary policy”, believing that Anne Hidalgo did not have “sufficient political weight to take these measures alone”.

Fatoumata Koné (EELV) called for a “rapid and significant shift in the city’s budgetary choices” in favor of the ecological transition, while Nicolas Bonnet-Oulaldj (PCF) proposed increasing the tourist tax on hotels luxury goods and housing tax for second homes, which would require a legislative amendment. In September, he is due to present his report on the avenues for new tax resources for communities.