Tablet laptops are very popular. The combination of Tablet and Laptop devices, such as the Microsoft Surface, to popular Gadgets around leisure and work. Users will appreciate the versatility and flexibility of the Hybrid. The Microsoft Surface Book stands out in this product category due to price and Performance. The high costs are, however, often against a purchase.

are you looking for a cheaper Alternative to the Surface Book Microsoft? Make sure before the purchase that it is a Laptop with a hinge joint. This Form of processing makes it possible to turn the Laptop so that the screen can be used as a Tablet, keyboard and Tablet, but not can be separated. Important characteristic of a authentic Surface Alternative is that the Tablet and the Notebook can be completely separated from each other. We will show you three options, which are cheaper than the Original from Microsoft.

1. Acer Switch 3

The Acer Switch 3, the Surface Book Microsoft the next and at an affordable price. You can disconnect the screen and keyboard easily by a magnetic mechanism from each other. The price-to-performance ratio is also true. The processing of the Tablet-laptops from Acer is high quality and the exchange between a laptop and a Tablet simple. For mobile Working and flexible use, such as writing e-mails, or movies and TV shows to stream, it is ideal. The Acer Switch 3 can be supplemented by a practical pen, so you have the possibility to insert hand-written notes in PDFs, or to draw on the Tablet.

Technical data

Eight hours of battery life, a twelve-inch screen size operating system: Windows 10Magnetische Snap-on keyboard accessory: Acer Active Stylus Pen
2. Awow simple book 10

The Hybrid Notebook simple book 10 out of Awow has Tablet and Laptop. You can easily switch between the two functions and devices. The keyboard is easy to the Tablet plug. In addition, there is a Front and rear camera that allows Shooting from different perspectives. The Tablet from Awow to be running on Windows 10 and has all the relevant applications.

Technical data

Six hours Akkulaufzeit10,1 inch screen size operating system: Windows 10Magnetische keyboard
3. Samsung Galaxy Book

is not The Samsung Galaxy Book the cheapest Surface Alternative, but convinced by the combination of Tablet and Notebook. The keyboard from the Galaxy Notebook is quick and easy to the screen to dock. You should like to add hand-written notes or the Tablet to the characters you want to use, you can use the included S Pen. Unlike Samsung’s usual, running the Galaxy Book, not on Android, but on Windows.

Technical data

Nine hours Akkulaufzeit10,6-inch screen size operating system: Windows 10Magnetische Snap-on keyboard accessories: S Pen

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