Contacts patients COVID-19 track without GPS and Internet

the Citizens of Singapore later this month will distribute worn device to track potential contacts with an infected person coronavirus infection. According to representatives of the authorities, these gadgets will not be GPS, cellular module and an Internet connection, and the data from them can be extracted only if the physical transfer to health service.

Singapore has become one of the first countries in the world where it launched a special application for tracking contact with infected COVID-19. Released in April, the program TraceTogether does not request the geolocation, data exchange takes place exclusively via Bluetooth. In addition, its source code made public.

However, TraceTogether was coldly welcomed by the public, writes ZDNet. The application does not work on Apple devices due to the features of the iOS operating system and quickly drains accumulator smartphone.

Speaking to reporters, foreign Minister and head of the program of development of Singapore’s “Intelligent nation” Vivian Balakrishnan said that TraceTogether downloaded 1.8 million times — or about 25% of the population. He said that it’s not enough, stressing the importance of rapid contact tracing to prevent the spread of coronavirus. To further enhance containment, said Balakrishnan, every resident of the state will be issued a Token device TraceTogether for detection of contact with people, sick COVID-19.

the Minister stressed that the device is not intended for surveillance. “In particular, this device has no GPS chip. Not even connect to the Internet and cellular networks, he said. — No GPS chip, the device can not track the location or movement of people. And since the Internet connection is missing, there is no possibility to download data without the participation or consent of the user.”

According to Balakrishnan, TraceTogether Token will collect data only within Bluetooth range. All information will be stored in encrypted form to 25 days, then automatically deleted. Moreover, he said, the Ministry of health will be able to access the collected data only when physical transfer of the device, and only if, if a person receives a positive test result COVID-19.

participation in the program is voluntary, said Balakrishnan. However, he admitted that wearing the device may become compulsory for all in case of worsening of the situation with the pandemic.

Text: To.Hi-tech