PlayStation recently showcased their new upcoming 5v5 multiplayer hero shooter called Concord during a State of Play event. Following this, a hands-on experience with the game was offered in California. Game Informer provided a detailed preview of Concord, expressing excitement about its gameplay and overall feel.

Despite the positive initial impressions, there are still some lingering questions regarding Concord. Players are curious about the game’s progression system, seasonal updates, story elements, and more. However, based on the few hours of gameplay experienced so far, Firewalk Studios seems to have created an enjoyable and satisfying shooter.

In a recent episode of New Gameplay Today, host Wesley LeBlanc shared his firsthand experience of playing Concord at PlayStation’s headquarters alongside Kyle Hilliard. They had the opportunity to explore 10 out of the game’s 16 heroes and try out three different gameplay modes.

For those interested in witnessing the gameplay of Concord themselves, the NGT episode is available for viewing. Additionally, Game Informer’s YouTube channel offers a variety of previews, reviews, and discussions on new and upcoming games for further insights.

As anticipation builds for the release of Concord, players can look forward to more information being revealed about the game in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new addition to the world of multiplayer hero shooters.