NetEase, the developer of Once Human, has recently responded to concerns regarding the game’s privacy policy through the NetEase launcher. This response came after players raised issues about their ID data being taken from them, as seen in reviews on Steam.

In a statement on Steam, NetEase addressed these concerns by emphasizing their commitment to user data privacy. They stated that personal data would only be used with legitimate legal basis, such as providing requested services or with user consent. NetEase also highlighted their adherence to data privacy principles like data minimization, purpose limitation, and transparency. They expressed appreciation for player feedback to help improve their practices.

The NetEase launcher, according to the developer, is simply a tool to provide easy access to the various games they publish, similar to launchers used by other gaming companies like Activision Blizzard and Riot Games. It is worth noting that the NetEase launcher is only mandatory for players who download Once Human from the official website, while Steam and Epic Games Store users do not require it.

Despite these reassurances, Once Human has faced criticism for certain features. Initially, the ability to create multiple characters was scheduled for release in August but was launched earlier to address player concerns about being locked onto one server. However, players are still unable to delete characters in the game.

Once Human, a free-to-play survival game launched this week on PC and mobile platforms, offers cross-save and cross-progression capabilities with some limitations. Players can enjoy the game across different devices while maintaining their progress, although there are certain restrictions in place.

Overall, NetEase’s response to privacy concerns surrounding Once Human aims to reassure players about their data protection measures. While the game has encountered some challenges, the developer’s commitment to addressing feedback and improving user experience is evident. Players can continue to enjoy Once Human with the knowledge that their privacy and feedback are valued by NetEase.