color Laundry detergent – what’s the point in that? There are two Laundry detergents, which should be next to each machine: full Laundry detergents and color detergents. Laundry detergent containing bleach, in order to prevent Discoloration of the Laundry, the well – known “gray veil”. The advertising speaks of “gleaming White”. Unfortunately, the bright colours, the bleach is not good because the color fades in a full detergent quickly. A Laundry detergent that really helps against the gray veil, by the way is always a powder. Liquid detergents contain no bleaching agents.

For colored Laundry there are color color detergent. Here the colours are protected, special additives prevent addition, the Staining of Laundry. In the case of color detergents are more likely to recommend a liquid detergent as powders, white can stay dry strip back.

Big disappointment, gel pad

In the Test, 21 color washing were means tested. 15 cash and cash equivalents, six so-called gel cushions. All the 1.7 tonnes of soiled linen were sent for the Test by the machine, and before that with 32 different stain types such as Grass, jam and lipstick maltreated.

detergent-Test: test checks fully detergent – cheap Fullscreen

place 1



Ultra Laundry detergent

grade of Good (2.0)

price per wash : washes better 13 cents


Very good (1.5) in the case of environmental properties


The result is: The expensive and intensively advertised gel pad disappointed consistently, not a pillow is “good”. Nine “good” cut but liquid detergent in bottles. The gel pad had a Problem with the cleaning – the good liquid detergent to remove dirt and stains much better than any gel pad.

The Test is cheap products from: Eight of the nine rated “good” Laundry detergent commercial brands of disco are stores are located, drugstore and supermarket chains. Only one brand product cut with “well” from, Persil Color Gel came in ninth place. A Persil-Laundry cost 25 cents, a Laundry with one of the four well-placed winner of the test, only 15 cents. At the very front could place Tandil Color from Aldi (North and South), as well Denkmit color detergent from DM and Formil Color of Lidl’s.

No cleansing effect

At the end of the scale, products that had cut off poor – about Coral manoeuvring Optimal Color. The were tester formulate smugly: “dirt is distributed by them, often more than was removed and rinsed. After several washes with them, the textiles are Grays dirty. This is deficient.” Colour gently all the resources worked in the Test. In the discipline “” “” and RUB off the results to grow through. On the subject of fiber, conservation, air is generally still down. After 20 washes, you could note the fibers of the hardships. The textiles are very smooth and looked a bit roughed.

Why is a good Laundry detergent is important?

A detergent influences the state of the Laundry and clothes. A good agent gets the value of the washing for as long as possible, a bad Laundry detergent makes the value destroyed – because the clothes will not be clean, grey or discolored. The detergent is a relatively inexpensive product but in a week you can wash easily washable in the value of over 1000 Euro.

The whole Test, you can read for a fee here.

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