After the adoption of the new EU copyright Directive has turned the collecting society VG Media, with a billion-claim to Google. The VG Media announced on Thursday.

For the use of digital press, the U.S. Internet giant on products should retroactively for the period from 1. August 2013 until 31. December 2018 1.24 billion Euro numbers. For the future, the VG Media seeks to lump-sum license totals to be between 3,44 billion (2019) and € 8.5 billion (2024) per year. First, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported on the claims.

The collecting society shall be convened at the retrospective claims on the national ancillary copyright law for press publishers in Germany already at the 1. August 2013 entered into force. However, it is unclear whether the German LSR is valid.

In a dispute between Google and the VG Media wants to let the Berlin regional court to the European court of justice (ECJ) to clarify whether or not Germany will have to inform the European Union prior to the adoption of the law would have. This “notification” would have been necessary, should not be applied to the law.

The relevant ECJ expert had stated in December that he considers the German law does not apply, because the Federal government in 2013, had decided not to set the EU-Commission. A decision of the court.

The VG Media said that she was interested after six years of conflict to peace. The European legislators have to bear with the on Monday finally adopted the Reform of the European copyright law “very clearly the way”. “This should take Google as an occasion to behave at last in conformity with the law and to reach an agreement with the rights holders.” Google was not available for comment initially not reachable.

In the forward-looking claims, the VG Media refers to the new copyright Directive of the EU, which was confirmed on Monday by the Council of the EU-member States. This has been implemented yet in any EU member state in its national law. Germany and the other EU-members have for the national legislation in two years time.

the calculation of the retroactive claim, the VG Media, the collecting society is entitled to a five percent share of Google in Germany achieved sales of 24,77 billion euros.