Tropico passes under the american flag. Coca-Cola confirmed on Monday it had reached an agreement with the company Alizé to acquire the activities of the famous French brand of fruit drinks, with the aim of diversifying its production.

The american group, that does not disclose the amount of the transaction, said in a press release that this first acquisition of a French brand was intended to do “to become a major player in the soft drinks to fruit”.

According to Coca-Cola, this segment-key drinks without alcohol has seen a “steady growth in recent years : +4.9% between 2014 and 2017”. Founded in 1982, Tropico “enjoys a strong reputation” in France, reminiscent of Coca-Cola, between its slogan, “when it is too much, this is Tropico” and its mascot in advertising, a parrot, talkative.


The marketing of Tropico in metropolitan France and in Belgium will be gradually resumed by ECCP France, ECCP, Belgium and SOCOBO (Corsica), bottlers of Coca-Cola in the territories.

The possibility of extending the presence of the brand to more territories will be assessed in the coming months, assured the group. The President of Coca-Cola France, Francois Gay-Bellile, quoted in the press release, indicates that Coca-Cola account “on the experience (of the group, editor’s NOTE) in other countries to quickly bring innovation to this category and the boost”.

Turnover of 29 million euros

non-carbonated beverages, fruit, Tropico, in which the turnover amounted to 29 million euros according to the newspaper Le Figaro, which had detailed the transaction on Sunday evening, had passed out of the hands of the giant Unilever to those of a pension fund before being redeemed by a family business French, the Cafes Folliet (Alizé) in 2005.

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Coca-Cola had already announced at the end of August for the purchase of the british channel sales of coffee in Costa for 3.9 billion pounds (4.3 billion euros). Coca-Cola seeks to diversify more, while it has undergone changes in recent years of habit of consumption, adverse to the sugary drinks with the struggle of many governments to tackle obesity.