Watches entering the football pitch are not uncommon. In particular thanks to partnerships between watchmakers and official competitions or leading clubs. But seeing football enter a watch is much more exceptional. This is the bet launched by the Geneva brand Purnell, in conjunction with AS Monaco, a Ligue 1 club which has just finished the 2022 championship in third place. Purnell has indeed unveiled a surprising piece with a balloon at the heart of its dial. Or rather right in the middle of the case since this timepiece plays the card of skeletonization and transparency.

Purnell x AS Monaco watch. WPM composite bezel in white color. Case middle in red titanium. Diameter 48mm. Smoked sapphire dial. Indexes in rock crystal. Side openings on the case middle at 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock. Hand-wound movement Caliber P10 (weight 9.88 g). Full rotation of the tourbillon in 30 seconds. Power reserve 50 hours. Water resistant to 30m. Rubber strap. © DR

The Purnell house is not at its first attempt with this concept, which is audacious to say the least. It was she, in fact, who designed the watch given to Lionel Messi on November 29, when the Ballon d’Or was awarded, as part of a collaboration with France Football, the organizer of this prize. . A first in the world of watchmaking. Today, the 18-carat precious metal sphere rotating on itself gives way to a red rock crystal ball. This shade was obviously chosen in reference to the Monegasque club with which the watch brand has established an official timekeeper partnership. Maurizio Mazzocchi, CEO of Purnell, explains that he drew his inspiration from AS Monaco’s slogan: Rise, risk, repeat. “These words correspond so well to our own desire to create a watch that reflects our two worlds that we decided to develop a completely new tourbillon, encased in a crystal football that completes a full rotation in 30 seconds. A spectacular way to defy gravity. »

As a watchmaking partner of AS Monaco, the Geneva house Purnell was inspired by the club’s motto, Rise, Risk, Repeat, to design its new watch. © DR

The new watch will be produced in two limited series of 11 each (like the number of players on a football team), one all white, the other with a red bezel. This is made of RPM (Red Purnell Microfiber), a new material for which Purnell holds the exclusivity. Whatever the version, the AS Monaco coat of arms is present thanks to an engraving appearing on a bridge of the movement, at 3 o’clock. We find the rock crystal on the dial in the form of hour markers which feature the Daring Red pantone color specific to AS Monaco. Subtle detail: just like the tips of the hands, the indexes located at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock are two-tone and crossed by the diagonal that is traditionally found on the jersey of the Monegasque club.

On this version with a red bezel in RPM (Red Purnell Microfiber), we can distinguish the two barrel covers bearing an engraved phrase: “Recognized for their excellence, guided by the search for performance, united by the emotions they provide. Excellence, performance and emotion are timeless values ​​of AS Monaco and Purnell. Rise. Risk. Repeat. AS Monaco Purnell. »

© DR

On the technical side, the operation of the watch and the rotation of the tourbillon are ensured by a mechanical movement with manual winding, the “house” caliber P10 concocted by master watchmaker Éric Coudray. As for the soccer ball, it is made of 24 translucent rock crystal hexagons (12 red and 12 transparent), all weighing only 1.12 g. “Eric Coudray succeeded in developing a titanium structure in the shape of a balloon, in which he then inserted the crystal facets one by one”, specifies one at Purnell. Goal achieved, one might conclude.