Cleaning lady, delivery driver, ex-boxer … The election of the new National Assembly, Sunday, is marked by the arrival of unusual profiles under the golds of the Palais-Bourbon, more popular, even if executives and professions liberals remain the most represented.

Most of these elected officials, often novices, belong to the two major opposition groups that are La France insoumise (LFI) and the National Rally (RN).

– Katiana Levavasseur (RN, Eure), 51, maintenance worker in a supermarket.

Daughter of an ambulance driver and a nursing assistant, holder of a BEP sale, this opposition municipal councilor since 2020 in Neubourg (4,200 inhabitants) intends to defend “the employment of small hands in France who, like me, get up early in the morning (?) to earn 11.75 euros (gross, note) per hour”. Mr. Macron “still treated us as illiterate, Hollande had treated us as toothless. So a while ago, we understood that we would never be respected.”

– Jorys Bovet (RN, Allier), 29, delivery driver.

It aspires to fight against poverty and deindustrialization. “I have been working since I was 16. I know the life of everyone. And I have seen that for several years, purchasing power has been deteriorating,” he told the daily La Montagne.

– José Beaurain (RN, Aisne), 50, blind piano tuner and vice-champion of France in bodybuilding.

Coming from “the working class”, this former employee of a music store in Soissons, beneficiary of a disability pension, says he was seduced by the “welcome and benevolence” of the RN.

– Sébastien Delogu (LFI, Marseille), 35 years old, taxi driver.

The son of a taxi driver and a clothing saleswoman, he obtained the patent as a free candidate and began working at the age of 18 as a ready-to-wear salesman and security guard. In 2016, he fought against the “uberization” of the taxi business.

– Mathilde Hignet (LFI, Ille-et-Vilaine), 29, agricultural worker on her parents’ organic farm.

When she was offered to be a candidate, “I didn’t think long. I didn’t want to stay grumbling in my corner. I said to myself: why not me?”, she explains to the AFP. During the campaign, “I got great feedback. People say to me, you look like us, you talk like us.”

– Rachel Kéké (LFI, Val-de-Marne), 47, chambermaid.

47-year-old Franco-Ivorian and mother of 5 children, she defines herself as a “warrior” and intends to bring the voice of “invisible” workers to the Assembly. This CGT activist became known during the 22-month strike by chambermaids at the Ibis Batignolles hotel in Paris, between 2019 and 2021, when she mobilized to improve the working conditions of cleaning ladies in the face of in defiance of management.

– Ségolène Amiot (LFI, Loire-Atlantique), 36, teleoperator in insurance.

Member of the CHSCT, she believes that it is a “complicated mission when the laws are made for employers”. An activist since 2007 of the association Aides and the LGBT center of Nantes, she has led interventions in schools on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

– Andy Kerbrat (LFI, Loire-Atlantique), 31, telephone adviser on a car assistance platform and LGBT activist.

He was a CGT union representative for four years, before getting involved in politics during the 2020 municipal elections in Nantes.

– Christine Loir (RN, Eure), 45 years old, carer.

Daughter of a butcher and a stay-at-home mother, mother of three children, she has been a member of the RN for two years. She lives in Verneuil-sur-Avre, 40 km south of Evreux.

-Antoine Villedieu (RN, Haute-Saône), 33 years old, policeman.

A former professional boxer, he is spokesperson for the FPIP, a police union close to the far right. He had been elected municipal councilor in Vesoul in 2020 on a right-wing list before resigning a month and a half later because of his sympathies with the RN.

– Stéphanie Galzy (RN, Hérault), 40, temporary worker at the Béziers post office.

Single mother, daughter of a garbage collector and a cleaning lady, she defines herself as a “Frenchwoman of the people”, paying more than 300 euros for diesel per month.

– Serge Muller (RN, Dordogne), 46, caregiver.

Entering politics almost by chance, his father was a crane operator-docker in Toulon and his mother a salesman and then a stay-at-home mother. He was elected in Bergerac.

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