Against Facebook’s plans for the digital currency, the Libra has started the movement of the financial turning-on Tuesday, together with the Brussels Finance Watch, a Petition.

the EU Commission and the ECB will be asked to “put a stop to this highly dangerous project immediately”. The goal is a prohibition of the project. “We hold the plans of Facebook for a brand is dangerous,” said Gerhard Schick, co-founder and Board member of the financial turnaround.

especially the privacy of the people was in danger. It would now “be rapidly and consistently traded”. The money system should not be left to corporations, called Chic.

The of Facebook a few weeks ago, announced a new Internet currency to buy expected to be available by 2020, with the Dollar or the Euro. To be among the first partners of the project 28 private companies such as Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and Uber.

Critical voices against the plans were last updated by the Bundesbank as well as by the Federal Ministry of Finance. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sees the currency especially for cross-border Transfers of advantage. To avoid rate fluctuations, is coupled to the Libra to established currencies and government bonds are hedged.

The 2018 based citizens ‘ movement financial turnaround hopes now to get a support for your concerns. One of the founders of the Non-Profit organization, the economist, Schick, formerly a member of the German Bundestag for the Greens. The citizens ‘ movement for a financial economy, which is in line with social, economic and environmental objectives.

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