Chrome OS adds the ability to run Windows applications

Lack of demand from users of third party apps for the Chrome OS platform has always been the main drawback of the OSes Google. Tired of waiting, when the developers finds time to support chromebooks and still hoping to break into the corporate market, Google will try to solve the problem through a new partnership.

At Parallels, known as one of the leading providers of solutions for running Windows on computers with macOS, has announced plans by the fall of this year to implement, in collaboration with Google full support for Windows applications in Chrome OS for enterprise devices.

the Ability to run specialized Windows applications that depend on business-critical processes and a full version of Microsoft Office can make an inexpensive device Chrome OS is in demand from corporate clients. While significant success was achieved only chromebooks on the market devices for educational organizations.

How it will support Chrome OS, Windows applications, Parallels prefers not to disclose, while promising “seamless add a full-featured Windows applications, including Microsoft Office, chromebooks for enterprises”. Most importantly: it is unclear whether the same opportunity is available to individual computer users on the Chrome OS, or support for Windows applications will work only on the corporate it infrastructure.

Text: To.Hi-tech