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read Than Noctis at the low point of his life arrived – his father has just been murdered, and he learns that he is the Chosen one. He must save the world from destruction. Deus ex Machina is conveyed to him his task: to become stronger, both in spirit as well as in the body, and then save the world. So Final Fantasy 15 starts, so many video games start. Similarly as in the Martyr stories of the Christian middle ages, the transcendence, intervenes in the world, intended for a people, and from this point on, its fate.

Final Fantasy 15 was just released. It belongs to a long series of Japanese role-playing games, which took place in 1987. The narrative structure, the is these and many other Games based on, has existed for several Hundred years, in the long series of Christian legend seals. Their origin lies in the early middle ages. In these legends, a Holy Person is the focus. Chosen by Christ, she is beaten with a heavy fate. In these stories, the imitatio is to be made Christ-readable – that is, the imitation of Christ by living Through the same pain and the ultimate demise in the Know, directly into the sky.

Even if the legend of this seal has not been understood in the middle ages as a fiction, it was primarily the edification and imitation. For the Poet, the legend was a God-pleasing work. The relationship of the poet to God was never easy: there Would be a greater tension than Writing about the transcendence, which has always been just outside of the thing within the world can that be? And to put this in worldly words?

If, then, the Protagonist also Shephard

means, of Course, modern video games are not such a voltage ratio and more – a long time, the transcendence is earthly and human. However, based on the stories of many of the games on this narrative structure. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, you can create a character all of their own and then chosen to save the world. In DOOM, you play a muscular warrior in a thick armor and is the only one that can do all of the hell creatures capture. Needless to say, with many loud weapons. In the Mass Effect trilogy, it’s not the entire universe, is doomed, if one throws his life into the balance to prevent this. The Protagonist then Shepard – German shepherd – is, is equal to a Wink with the entire Bible.

the fate of The game world – especially in role-playing games – are embedded in a transcendental history of salvation, in which everything is predetermined, and an endpoint is organized. Thus, a voltage ratio, which can be quite restrictive also arises here: The players should supposedly be free in their decisions and their Ways, the story takes place in a predetermined world in which the players know at the beginning what will be the fate of your character.

This narrative structure not only through the Medium of video game. There is probably no media in the the classic legend story not in a current language and modern understanding has been translated. But missing in video games often, which has, at the latest, seems the post-modern our healing providers: the Failure.

In video the stories games are still intact. The Intervention of the transcendence and, thus, the predetermination of the character are immanent to and confirmed by the world. There are hardly any breaks, and rarely ask questions about this Position. Rather, the empowerment of the player by a omnipotent game character are often operated omnipotence fantasies. The runs through all Genres. However, there are around in the literature for a Long time the unreliable narrator. Narrative structures have emerged that have taken the readers peace of mind. The hero, meanwhile, plunged in the middle ages – the late Arthur novel deconstructed everything, what was built in the high middle ages.

But of course, there are also video games that do not want to tell the great end-time story that will make the player to the Messiah. Walking some of such games are called simulators like disparaging. It is important to discover a story rather than getting these pre-sets. The player must be attentive, hints only recognize as such.