Beijing is reaching for the stars. Also, the failure of a private space station, which crashed after a few years, did not dampen the enthusiasm of the Chinese for the space.

in the Middle of the Gobi desert, a complete Mars was now-the Station is established or the Simulation of such a Station. This space base is not primarily concerned with the science, it is a destination that typifies the large space plans of China.

“A Nation needs people who look up to the stars,” said Bai Fan, head of the operator, Jinchang Star Universe Culture & Tourism Investment Co, at the opening. “We hope that visitors will feel the spirit of the space research and you will be able to experience the technology behind it.”


the Station also taikonauts work.

©Wang Zhao AFP National fascination with Mars in China

in December, China is to place a probe on the dark side of the moon, in the year 2020, a Rover, a remote-controlled vehicle to land on Mars. The Station in the desert before attacking the real conditions a little. The “C-Space Project Mars” presents the story of a successful international mission to Mars – of course, under Beijing’s leadership. The facility consists of interconnected modules, including a greenhouse and an artificial decompression chamber. There is also the Mars Rover, swarming, and space suits.

In addition, reminiscent of the inhospitable, barren landscape of the desert planet Tatooine, home of Luke Skywalker from the space epic “Star Wars”.


In the greenhouse grown grain.

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The remote province hopes with the investment, boost tourism. The camp wants to be more than a mere tourist attraction. The operators have worked with the astronaut centre of China (ACC), in order that the system can be used also in the training of astronauts. The site should be expanded. After the completion of three million guests are expected in the year.

source: Reuters