excursions of space ships and astronauts on the moon, there was already a lot of. China is the first Nation that landed on the earth-facing side of the moon. On Board of the “Chang’e 4” is a robot vehicle to explore in a next step, the Terrain around the landing site.

Chinese experts had referred to the Mission in the run-up as very demanding. As an obstacle, the friction was lots of communication with the earth, because on the back of the moon there is no direct radio connection can be established. Therefore, the Chinese brought back in may the transmission of satellite “Queqiao” (bridge of magpies) in the Position of signals from the radio-shadows send.

astronomers hope that new insights into the formation of the star

With a smooth flow of the lunar Mission is to be demonstrated that China’s ambitious space program is making great progress.

among other things, experiments with low radio frequencies are Planned. Without the earth’s atmosphere and other disturbances, astronomers can collect in the silence of space better signals in the hope of new insights about the origin of the stars. AP

the findings should help future manned missions to the moon to prepare for the

in Addition, it has loaded the “Chang’e 4” seed that is to be examined, whether growing vegetables in a closed environment, power of the moon’s surface is at low.

On Board is also a by scientists of the Kiel Christian-Albrechts-University of developed radiation measuring. The Kiel Experiment should be measured at least for a year the radiation and the water content of the soil and send data back to earth. The findings of this should help future manned missions to the moon to prepare.

the United States had brought twelve astronauts on the moon.

2019 China is planning another unmanned landing to rock samples back to earth. By 2030, the first Chinese to set foot on the moon. The moon missions are only a part of the ambitious space programme of China, which also includes the construction of a space station around 2022. “Chang’e 4” was on 8. December, up from the ground and reached, according to state television on 12. December, the moon’s orbit.

“Chang’e 3” had landed the Chinese for the first time in 2013, a probe on the front side of the moon – far later than the Russians and the Americans. The United States had brought to unmanned probes between 1969 and 1972 twelve astronauts on the moon.

In the Bit Projects China first landing is preparing on the moon back in front of ak