It is a tempting offer: While you have to pay for Windows and Office licenses are often hundreds of euros, it is in the case of the supermarket chain Edeka between Amazon and Netflix gift cards to bargain basement prices. That sounds almost too good to be true. And actually there’s a not-so-little hook.

buyers are likely to find the deals anyway. No wonder: The prices are just tempting low, according to the trade magazine “c’t” in the latest edition. The licenses were in the Test of the magazine to easily enable, only in the case of an Office package, there was a minor Irritation, but was quickly fix.

Windows 10 And all of a sudden, the Windows license is gone: Microsoft’s crude Update-glitches

breakdown series at Microsoft: With the October Update for Windows 10 has made the group a lot of Trouble. And now the Windows license turns off some users, after years all of a sudden. Behind this is a fundamental Problem.

By Malte Mansholt As it comes to the bargain prices?

it is best, therefore, the officially no more available in Windows 7 Professional for 18 Euro. However, Windows 10 Pro is dirt cheap: Instead of the Microsoft retrieved 260 Euro Edeka requires only 40 Euro. Office 2019 (105 instead of 150 euros) is also very low. Striking: Although there is not Office in 2019, Standard actually, as a single license, offering Edeka these still for 195 euros. Otherwise 500 euros per computer are due to the purchase of a minimum of five licenses.

you Can go with the right things? “c’t” has checked with Lizengo, the dealer behind the Edeka offer. The provider from Cologne, according to which all licenses are legal. They come, therefore, from Excess inventories. Large customers buy more licenses than you need, Lizengo buying them in large quantities. The provider also takes on the function guarantee: if a key is not active, would get the customer a new, assured the company “c’t”.

April Update 1803 Windows 10: Microsoft’s new Super-Update will break the computer By Malte Mansholt Microsoft remains tight-lipped

And what Microsoft says? In spite of Demands, the group wanted to give the magazine has no clear opinion on whether you held the trade with the Überbestands licenses for legally clean. Instead, the concentrate decided for the proposition that the mere Functioning of a key was still no hint of a proper license. It is an apartment look like a key, according to Microsoft. The possessed, replace Yes no Rental agreement.

The caution of the group may also be explained by a judgment of the European court of justice: How the Federal court of justice, the highest EU court found that this type of distribution is not illegal. Microsoft may see this differently, but it is bad on court decisions.

And where is the hook?

without any risk is not a matter for the customers nevertheless. While waiting for him to write upon activation of the key, not a Lawyer. Microsoft reserves the right, however, to the licenses in future Updates block. In clear text this means: those Who operate their computers with a Lizengo-key, must expect that he will eventually be locked out. This can be done according to Microsoft, for example, if a key has been assigned several times, and it lands because of too many activations on the Black list. A warning sign for customers, there is not.

The cheap deal for Windows 10 is particularly for customers is so interesting, because it is according to Microsoft, the last of the Windows. While you previously had to pay every two years for a new Version, Windows 10 is always supplied with Updates. The program will still be in operation for many years.

“c’t” recommends, in accordance with, the receipt for the purchase of the licence to be kept and to file a complaint, where appropriate, in the case of Edeka. Whether or not this will work after the expiration of the two-year warranty obligation will have to show.

source: c’t

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