In the Elite universities in the United States it is part of the sound, that high-ranking politicians or heads of global corporations will keep the final talk. A few weeks ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepped in front of Harvard graduates, on the weekend, Tim Cook spoke before the graduating class of Stanford University. It is not the first speech of a Cook, but this time, it is likely to be for him something Special: His predecessor, Steve Jobs stopped at this place 14 years ago, one of his most famous Speeches.

the Cook was trying, in his approximately 17-minute speech, to provide young University graduates with an awareness of the current challenges of the modern world. A theme in focus: privacy. The Silicon Valley, in the traditionally, many Harvard graduates get their first Jobs or their own corporate reasons, was responsible for a series of revolutionary inventions, so Cook. However, in recent years, some of it from the rudder ran. It increasingly “the Faith that you can take earnings claim, without having to bear for it responsibility”, he added. This will markedly from day to day, “with every data breach, with each breach, to each course of eye, expressed in hate speech and Fake News, the poisoning of our national discourse.”

“We lose the freedom to be human”

The Apple chief, who complained that poor results are often justified with good intentions. “Whether you want it or not – what you create, defines who you are.” It felt, for him, strangely, to have to ever say, but “if you built a chaos factory, you can be responsible for the Chaos is not simply Stripping”. This is particularly important in dealing with privacy. “If we accept it as normal and inevitable, that everything is collected in our lives, and even leaked can be sold, we lose far more than just data. We lose the freedom to be a human,” he explained pathetically.

“In a world without digital privacy, one begins to censor yourself, even if you have made except to think differently, nothing wrong. Starting small, piece by piece. Less risk, less hope, less present, less cars, less creating, less trying, less talking, less thinking.” The deterrent effect of the digital Monitoring was profound and touching everything.

That Cook presented the issues of data protection and privacy in the heart of his speech, it is not surprising. The 58-Year-old stressed at every opportunity how important privacy is. He referred to them as “fundamental human right”. Cook is trying to differentiate itself increasingly from its competitors. For the advertising campaign, “Privacy on the iPhone” Apple has been media reports that more than 54 million US dollars in the Hand.

On the developer conference WWDC, Apple introduced at the beginning of June a private, data-efficient Login Service. Thus, users may decide to give services providers such as AirBnB is not your real E-Mail address, but it is one of Apple’s automatically-generated disposable address. The Mails will then be forwarded from Apple to the actual E-Mail.

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By Christoph Fröhlich