Real Madrid are back at the top of European football. Executioners (0-1) of Liverpool in the final at the Stade de France (Saint-Denis), the Merengues won thanks to a goal from Vinicius Jr shortly before the hour mark (59th). The people of Madrid thus win a 14th title in the Champions League. Back to the meeting and the goals.

After interminable minutes of delay, linked to the difficulties of access to the Stade de France for many supporters and an opening ceremony orchestrated by the Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello, the kick-off of the 67th edition of the League des champions is given by Liverpool after the inaugural whistle of the French referee Clément Turpin. And the Reds put pressure on the Madrid camp from the start. The first free kick is also in favor of the men of Jürgen Klopp, repelled by a header from Karim Benzema (3rd). On the Spanish side, the start of the match is more timid. Carlo Ancelotti’s troops suffered the pressure imposed by the English players and failed to put their game in place. And at the quarter of an hour of play, no strike had yet been attempted in this final.

The first opportunity of the meeting is in favor of the Reds. With the tip of his foot, Mohamed Salah manages to shift the ball in front of the goal line, but Thibaut Courtois intervenes (16th). In the process, Thiago Alcantara tries from afar. But the Belgian doorman captures the leather (17th). The Egyptian striker tried his luck again a few moments later, but again Courtois won (18th). The people of Madrid are suffering and Thibaut Courtois is forced to shine. After a festival of dribbling in the penalty area, Sadio Mané fired a powerful shot from the right. With his fingertips, the Real goalkeeper pushes the leather on the post and saves his people (21st). If the Reds dominate this start to the game, Real Madrid did not attempt a single strike on the half hour mark. Despite a large domination of the Reds and attempts by Mohamed Salah (34th) and Jordan Henderson (41st) , as well as a disallowed goal for Karim Benzema after VAR intervention (44th), neither team was able to gain the upper hand in this first period. And at the break, the two teams are back to back (0-0).

Real Madrid thought they would open the scoring through the inevitable Karim Benzema… but after long minutes, the referee finally canceled the goal for an offside by the Frenchman! Relive this disallowed goal ⬇

On returning from the locker room, no change was to be reported and Real Madrid kicked off the second half. Immediately, Liverpool put the pressure on the Madrid camp. The opportunities multiply but the Reds do not find the net. And against all odds, it is the Merengues who will unlock the counters. On a tense cross from Federico Valverde, Vincius Jr springs up at the far post and cuts the trajectory of the ball to deceive Alisson (59th, 0-1). Real exults!


After the opener, the Reds push to equalize, like Diego Jota (80th) or Mohamed Salah (82nd). But Thibaut Courtois, imperial, rejects all English attempts. Despite heavy pressure on the Spanish side at the end of the game and five minutes of added time, Jürgen Klopp’s men failed to equalise. Real Madrid are crowned European champions for the 14th time in their history.

Finished: It’s over at the Stade de France! Real Madrid has therefore gone to the end of its improbable and historic odyssey. Once again dominated in the game this evening, the Merengues knew how to combine solidarity and realism to thwart the forecasts and tame the Reds. If Vinicius was the only scorer in the game, the man of the evening will have been Thibaut Courtois. The Belgian goalkeeper, author of an XXL performance, simply disgusted his opponents by delivering a legendary score. Speaking of legend, Real Madrid confirms its status as the biggest club in Europe by winning a 14th C1, twice as many as any other formation on the continent. A club apart, definitely!

90 3 mins. – Change: The hero of the evening for the moment, Vinicius, gives way to Rodrygo.

90 1 min. : Benzema works around the edge of the box before serving Camavinga, whose shot goes over. The people of Madrid nevertheless save precious time!

90 1 min. : There will be five minutes of extra time.

90 mins. – Change: Modric, who is only a few seconds away from a 5th victory in the Champions League – like Benzema or Kroos, in particular -, gives way to Ceballos.

88 mins. : Courtois wins again against Konaté in the air in a duel at high altitude! The Belgian goalkeeper is imperial!

87 mins. : This end to the match is unbridled with the Reds throwing their last strength! A scent of ko rises in the atmosphere!

86 mins. – Change: Valverde, warmly applauded by the Madrid public, is replaced by Camavinga for the last minutes.

84 mins. : Cons are emerging for Real Madrid. On a three against two, Kroos dismisses for Benzema who looks for Vinicius in the back of the defense. Alisson has read well and intervenes on the thread!

82 mins. – Opportunity for Liverpool: Alerted in depth, Salah performs a magician’s control in the middle of the race. The Egyptian, slightly to the right, overtakes Mendy, enters the area and strikes hard. Courtois, from a stoppage from elsewhere, again deflects the ball which goes to flirt with the outside of its opposite skylight! Exceptional move!

81 mins. : Firmino, thrown into space, manages to save the leather and distills a superb center back. In an ideal position, Keita takes over without control… but sends a UFO into the stands of the Stade de France! What an opportunity!

80 mins. : Salah, Firmino, Salah, Jota: it combines in the Madrid area and Courtois still has to intervene in front of the Portuguese to ward off the danger!

80 mins. : Militao stays on the ground for a while, pretending to be tired. The people of Madrid will, logically, seek to break the rhythm in the minutes to come.

78 mins. : We have entered the last quarter of an hour of the game. Liverpool must no longer calculate and embark on the boarding of the merengue surface. This endgame promises to be quite simply suffocating!

77 mins. – Change: At the same time, Firmino enters the battle in place of Thiago Alcantara. Jurgen Klopp plays the ultra-offensive card!

77 mins. – Change: Double change for Liverpool. Keita is launched in place of Henderson.

76 mins. : Real tries a daring combination on a free kick. Kroos plays over the defense for Casemiro who attempts a throw-in for Benzema, lonely at the far post… but the Brazilian’s pass is uncertain!

74 mins. : Alexander-Arnold tries to force the decision with a strike on a step to 20 meters. The shot is crushed and leaks quite clearly from the frame…

73 mins. : Liverpool are trying to go up another notch but the people of Madrid have double-locked the door in their last 35 meters. The mission does not look easy!

71 mins. : Vinicius is trying to light a new fuse and make a full-axis difference. He however stumbles on Konaté who, with an intervention full of control and power, stops him dead in his progress! The Reds revive.

69 mins. – Opportunity for Liverpool: New opportunity for Salah! On receiving a header from Jota at the far post, number 11 places a recovery from a tight angle. However, the Courtois wall stands before him and preserves his clean sheet!

69 mins. : Liverpool gets two corners in quick succession, but these don’t come to anything. The Reds, usually formidable on set pieces, are not successful in this exercise tonight.

67 mins. : Kroos, comes, with the experiment, to cause the fault of Salah. The Egyptian can’t believe it and doesn’t hide his annoyance!

66 mins. : The Reds are trying to wake up. The air balloons parade in the Madrid surface but it is the Spaniards who, each time, have the last word.

65 mins. – Change: First change of the game for Liverpool with the entry of Diogo Jota in place of Luis Diaz.

64 mins. – Opportunity for Liverpool: Salah, in his characteristic style, wraps a shot from the left from 25 meters. Courtois takes off on his right and makes a new decisive save this evening!

63 mins. : Jurgen Klopp asks his substitutes to speed up their warm-up and should not take long to make tactical adjustments.

62 mins. – Yellow card for Tavares: The Reds are stunned … Fabinho fouls Valverde and inherits the first warning of the game.

61 mins. : At 21, Vinicius becomes the youngest scorer in the Champions League final since 2009 and a certain Lionel Messi!

59 mins. – Goal for Real Madrid: Real Madrid open the scoring! Militao escapes the pressing and Casemiro orchestrates the maneuver from the central circle. The people of Madrid are projecting quickly forward. Requested on the right, Valverde centers very strongly at the far post. Vinicius throws himself six meters, behind Alexander-Arnold’s back, to catapult the sphere into the back of the net!

58 mins. : The Reds find better combinations forward! At the end of one of them, Salah is found in a striking position. He shoots twice but, each time, Alaba is present to counter his attempts!

56 mins. : Hot duel between Luis Diaz and Militao! The merengue defender, who has been faultless so far, is the most solid and gets the fault.

55 mins. : New interesting situation in favor of the English. Shifted to the right, Alexander-Arnold crosses halfway up. Thiago Alcantara dives to the near post but cannot cut. Courtois, with a firm hand, pushes the danger behind him!

53 mins. : Konaté, from a long raise, finds Mané in the center circle. The latter alerts Luis Diaz who will fix Modric on the left before playing back towards Mané, who had continued. The strike of the Senegalese striker, in first intention, is diverted.

51 mins. : The Reds leave on the same bases and take the initiatives… but it is anything but easy to take a Real impeccable tactically and always curled up in the defensive phase.

49 mins. : Salah, Mané then Luis Diaz are fighting like the devils to force the lock of the White House, but the merengue defenders do not let go! Militao can get the ball out and Casemiro leads the counter in continuity!

47 mins. : First banner of the second act planted by the Reds. Alexander-Arnold crosses strong from the right wing. At the far post, it takes a superb extension intervention from Carvajal to prevent Luis Diaz from concluding!

47 mins. : Impassable in the first period, Thibaut Courtois brought his total of saves in the Champions League this season to 55. His runner-up, Geronimo Rulli (Villarreal), only has 41!

46 mins. : Here we go again ! There were no changes to report during the break.

Half-time: The break is whistled at the Stade de France! At the end of a lively first period, Liverpool and Real Madrid return to the locker room with a goalless draw. The Reds generally dominated the proceedings but Thibaut Courtois did what was necessary in his goals. And as often, the people of Madrid almost found the opening on their first opportunity, but a potential goal from Benzema was not validated for offside. The suspense remains in any case at the dawn of a second act which should be even more electric!

45 2 mins. : Three minutes of additional time have been announced.

45 1 min. : After long minutes of video analysis, the goal is finally… disallowed! Real Madrid, however, has just proved, once again, that it does not need many opportunities to hit the mark.

43 mins. : Real lengthens the game. On the fallout in the area at the far post, Benzema achieves perfect control, hooks Robertson but procrastinates a little. He fails to hit but, in continuity, Alisson and Konaté get tangled up and Fabinho has to tackle to prevent Valverde from taking advantage! The ball finally returns to “KB9” which this time shakes the net! An offside position is however signaled and the refereeing body will use the video.

41 mins. : On the corner kick, the Madrid defense pushes back… but directly on Henderson! At 25 meters, without control, the English captain fired a real missile which ultimately did not pass so far from the frame defended by Courtois!

40 mins. : Solicited by Robertson with his back to goal in the area, Mané turns around at the speed of light. He tries to follow up with a shot from a tight angle on the left but Militao throws himself and diverts in extremis, for a corner, the shot from number 10 of the Reds!

40 mins. : With 15 UCL goals this season, Karim Benzema literally walks on water! If he were to score a new double this evening, “El nueve” would equal the record for achievements on an edition, held by a certain Cristiano Ronaldo (17).

38 mins. : Madrid finally come out and try to offer play forward. Vinicius and Benzema are notably trying to combine but the Reds rearguard remains vigilant.

36 mins. : Ibrahima Konaté is the first French player in history to start a C1 final with Liverpool, a club with which he has never known defeat! In 2005, Djibril Cissé in 2005 had participated in the conquest of the title, but in the shoes of a substitute at kick-off.

34 mins. : Konaté breaks the lines by projecting himself after having sprung to recover a high ball. He spreads on Alexander-Arnold who crosses in first intention for Salah, whose resumption of the head is once again stopped by Courtois!

33 mins. : The Madrid defenders strengthen the game on the duels. Salah loses two balls in a row before Militao crunches Mané. It is finally Carvajal who intervenes in a virulent way on Luis Diaz, but a fault is signaled this time.

31 mins. : Real Madrid have still not touched the ball in the English area. A scenario that recalls, however, others on the Spanish side, with the outcomes that we know!

29 mins. : 52% of possession, 15 attacks against 4, 6 shots to 0 and 2 big chances: the figures reflect the domination of the Reds in this first half hour.

27 mins. : Modric picks up low, very low, at the level of the central defenders, on the recovery phases. The objective is clear for Real, to avoid losing the balls too quickly, and to stop suffering from the red surges.

25 mins. : Real are trying to get their heads above water. After a good approach work, Vinicius crosses from the left. Benzema prowls at the far post but Alisson reassures his defense of an authoritarian exit.

24 mins. : Thibaut Courtois has already made 4 saves, 2 of which were extremely difficult. The Belgian goalkeeper is looking for the first Champions League of his career tonight.

23 mins. : Sadio Mané is a man of big events! The Senegalese international has already scored 15 goals in the knockout stages in his Champions League career. Only Frank Lampard has done so well for an English club in history!

21 mins. – Opportunity for Liverpool: Mané, untenable, is solicited in the area. The Senegalese launches into a solo number. After an inside hook, he opens a shooting window and hits hard from the right towards the ventilator. Courtois, with a trigger from elsewhere, touches the sphere with the end of his gloves and sends it to the base of his right post! What a world class stop!

20 mins. : Liverpool is boosted! This time, it’s Alexander-Arnold’s turn to take his chance on a subtle discount from Salah. The leather ends up in the Dionysian sky but the intentions are excellent!

18 mins. : The Reds have passed the second! Superb orchestrated movement in the middle of the defense: at the end of it, Mané finds Salah in a small space. The “Pharaoh” strikes without control but Courtois is still there to make the stop.

17 mins. : The danger returns immediately. Thiago Alcantara is found at 20 meters and tries a curling shot. However, the shot lacks power and Courtois can intervene without worry.

16 mins. – Opportunity for Liverpool: First hot alert for Real! Alexander-Arnold manages to make a difference on the right side and center back. In fox, in the heart of the surface, Salah regains right. Courtois relaxes on his left and, with a very nice reflex stop, saves his camp!

15 mins. : Vinicius is alerted on his left wing and puts the turbo. He tries to make the difference against Konaté, who came to meet him, but the last word goes to the French defender. Author of an intervention full of authority, he then revives on 40 meters with great strides, to the delight of the English supporters!

14 mins. : The will-o’-the-wisp Luis Diaz tries to light a first fuse on the left side. He ends up shifting Robertson whose powerful center is diverted and goes to the far post. At the fallout, Mendy, in control, handed over for Courtois.

12 mins. : Very applied to the placement, the Merengues are also particularly sharp in the duels. They perfectly protect Courtois’ goal by offering a compact block, arranged in 4-5-1, folded in their half of the field. It is very complicated for Liverpool to find spaces.

11 mins. : The Reds have been particularly effective away from Anfield this season in the Champions League. Indeed, they have quite simply won their 6 away matches over this edition!

09 mins. : The Reds go back and come to invest the opposing half of the field. The physiognomy of the game is clearly sketched out with Madrid residents clearly determined to bet on counterattacks for the moment.

07 mins. : Liverpool implement a placed attack and work patiently in the Spanish camp. Militao finally intervenes on the shoulder on Mané who collapses. M. Turpin orders the game to continue and Benzema can expedite the block with the help of Valverde on the right side.

05 mins. : Carlo Ancelotti gives voice from his bench. The Italian technician clearly identifies the threat and asks his proteges to apply themselves in keeping the ball on recovery.

04 mins. : Karim Benzema is the 3rd Frenchman to captain a foreign team in the Champions League final, after Thierry Henry with Arsenal in 2006, and Hugo Lloris with Tottenham in 2019.

03 mins. : Liverpool clearly shows its intentions and tries to take its opponent by the throat in these first seconds. The English get a good free kick from 40 meters. Alexander-Arnold tries to place a ball in the box but Benzema, who has come to lend a hand to his rearguard, heads the danger away.

01 min. : First big pressing injected by the Reds! Real Madrid are struggling to get out of it but a foul by Thiago Alcantara on Valverde allows them to get out of it.

01 min. : Let’s go to the Stade de France! The referee of the meeting, the Frenchman Clément Turpin, has just whistled the kick-off. It was the Reds who hired.

00 mins. : Karim Benzema and Jordan Henderson are the evening captains. Real Madrid will play in white, Liverpool sporting their traditional red tunic.

00 mins. : The last anthem of the Champions League of the season sounds in Saint-Denis! On to the show!

00 mins. : Ian Rush and Raul, living legends of Liverpool and Real Madrid, bring the Champions League trophy to the pitch. Both teams follow suit. The tension is palpable!

00 mins. : The protocol is launched with a concert by singer Camilla Cabello, which brings the atmosphere up a notch!

00 mins. : Toni Kroos is playing his 5th Champions League final tonight! Only Cristiano Ronaldo and Paolo Maldini (6) have done better in history. How to classify the German environment!

00 mins. : And a third time is given for the kick-off, we hope definitive this time: 9:36 p.m.!

00 mins. : At 23 years and 233 days, Trent Alexander-Arnold becomes tonight the youngest player in history to start 3 Champions League finals. It erases Thomas Müller from the shelves.

00 mins. : The kick-off is postponed again! New schedule announced: 9:30 p.m.

00 mins. : Liverpool and Real Madrid have already crossed swords 8 times in their European history. After winning the first 3 duels between 1981 and 2009, the English have not won any of the last 5 matches (1 draw, 4 losses), including the famous 2018 final.

00 mins. : Important information: kick-off has just been delayed by 15 minutes. Many fans have still not been able to access the compound and the organization does not want to take any security risks. The match will begin at 9:15 p.m.

00 mins. : Liverpool will obviously rely on their lethal weapon Mo Salah tonight. The “Pharaoh” has, since 2017, been involved in 44 Reds goals in the Champions League! This season, the Egyptian international has scored 31 goals and provided 15 assists in 50 matches played in all competitions for his club.

00 mins. : The atmosphere goes up a notch at the Stade de France as the Reds supporters, who have come in large numbers, sing a vibrant “You’ll never walk alone”. Chills guaranteed!

00 mins. : Announced favorite for the Ballon d’Or, Karim Benzema could consolidate this status in the event of Madrid’s victory tonight. In all competitions, the Frenchman has been directly involved in 59 goals (45 goals, 14 assists) in 45 Real Madrid matches this season. Simply phenomenal!

00 mins. : The two teams face each other in the C1 final for the third time in history, and the results are perfectly balanced. In 1981, the Reds won 1-0 in a disputed meeting… in Paris, already! The Merengues took their revenge in 2018, winning 3-1 after a very good show. Karim Benzema and Sadio Mané had found the net on this occasion.

00 mins. : On the side of Liverpool, two uncertainties surrounded the choices of Jurgen Klopp. The German technician has, logically, appointed Luis Diaz, elusive lately, to start with Mané and Salah on the offensive front. Diogo Jota is therefore pushed to the bench. In the middle, Thiago Alcantara is fit and was therefore preferred to Keita. For the rest, the Reds are counting on all their vital forces. Liverpool’s eleven: Alisson – Alexander-Arnold, Konaté, Van Dijk, Robertson – Henderson, Fabinho, Alcantara – Salah, Mané, Luis Diaz.

00 mins. : The eleven of Real Madrid has just been unveiled, and Carlo Ancelotti has not reserved any surprises. It was therefore Valverde who was chosen to accompany the essentials Benzema and Vinicius on the offensive front. In the midfield, the traditional trio Modric-Kroos-Casemiro will be faithful to the position. Finally, in defense, Alaba, on the bench against City, will find his place in the axis to support Militao. The eleven of Real Madrid: Courtois – Carvajal, Militao, Alaba, Mendy – Modric, Casemiro, Kroos – Valverde, Benzema , Vinicius.

00 mins. : We were talking about the mystique of Liverpool, but what about that of Real Madrid? The most successful club in the history of the C1 (13 victories) has, if it were still needed, proved that it was apart, even completely unique, during its continental odyssey this season. Never favorites, always abused, flirting with elimination, the Merengues managed to unleash hell to overthrow, consecutively, PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City. This course has already found a special place in the great history of football, but Real obviously does not intend to stop there. And although an outsider once again tonight, his ability to hang a red tunic on his prestigious trophy gallery should in no way be underestimated. The Reds have been warned!

00 mins. : Liverpool are still at the rendezvous this year. And who could be surprised? The legendary English club has this extra soul that allows it to sit in the inner circle of the greatest European institutions, and it will be in the running tonight for its 7th triumph in C1, just that. The band led by the incredible Jurgen Klopp wants to conclude a very rich season, already topped with two trophies (FA Cup and League Cup), in the most beautiful way. However, do Mo Salah and co. still have enough strength to take up this ultimate challenge, those who fought until the last minute for the title against Manchester City in the Premier League? These Reds do not ask themselves this question. They will make every effort to hoist a new this red jersey, which legend wants it to transcend those who wear it, on the roof of Europe.

00 mins. : Good evening ! Please join us to follow the 2022 Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid live. This European season, exceptional in more than one respect, offers us a succulent apotheosis tonight. Could we indeed dream of a better poster than this duel between the Reds who continue to cultivate a mystical link with the queen of competitions and the people of Madrid who have chained romantic performances to afford the right to dream of a new trophy? All the ingredients are in any case gathered to attend a great evening of football this evening at the Stade de France, where the kick-off will be given at 9 p.m. sharp.