Redditors have provided us with the REAL CP2077 statistics.

CD Projekt Red is a pioneer in Cyberpunk2077. They did not launch the Apology Generator in the way we expected. However, they did create it thanks to many posts in which “bad news” was written in black text with a yellow background that were posted by the studio before and after the game launched.

CD Projekt Red hasn’t offered an apology-style photo since December 18, last year. So, we have to move on to something else. The game’s Twitter account has slowly been releasing statistics over the past few months using the hashtag #CyberpunkInNumbers. They have largely escaped the notice of Cyberpunk enthusiasts, up to now.

Yesterday’s Cyberpunk subreddit saw a parody post about Cyberpunk’s statistics. It criticized the inability to customize cars with an infographic that said “0 million was spent on truck and car customization.” Redditors have been posting a few shitposts in the last few hours, and they’re pretty funny.

Many of the posts are lighthearted and air grievances about the game. One post claims that players have changed their appearance a total number of zero times. This is a joke at the fact you can’t take V to get a quick haircut or shave. Geralt even managed to find a razor from time to time.

Another parody focuses on the fact that your car is uncustomisable and you can’t shoot a gun out of it. It’s odd that shooting from your car seems to be an option in the game. However, it only appears in a few missions.