they both grew up in Kreuzberg, only a few Hundred meters away from each other. By Tim Raue, we know that he was a member of the youth gang, the 36 Boys, which was classified by the...
if you order today, eat home, must dig deeper in the pocket than in the past. At least if he wants more than what the popular portals such as, or . But the "new"...
Contents 1 the Gender Pay shrinks-Cap is not 2 women for other women more money request To a page Who earned how much for his own work? The amount of salaries and wages, raises regular discussions on the...
Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko winterscheidt go in your TV Shows regularly to their physical and mental limits. The game with the provocation and the danger - it's part of their recipe for success. And also your guests...
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The times, in which captain Ahab in the world's oceans came to pass, catch to whales such as Moby Dick, are long gone. Since 1986, commercial whaling is not banned worldwide, only a few countries. Belongs to...
Content 1 to 15 moments of Power 2 "Power over one's own body" 3 at home, in the Job, during Sport or On a page read Makes you have to claim against the landlord, the chief of the...
The late 60s in the USA, at the time of the great upheaval. Dreams of another, better world flourished. At the same time, the presence was violent like never before. The country became embroiled in Vietnam in...
Tobias Schülert Already back-to-school times wanted Tobias Schülert just all Laugh. But at some point it has to be serious with the Funny. To be exact in New York. There Schülert discovered during an internship...


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The Biggest CS:GO Tournaments In The World

With over one million active concurrent players, and S-Tier ranked events that regularly break into the six digits for prize winnings, CS:GO...