cat owners know the Problem: You lie in bed, it’s dark and the cat comes in. But then something, it rustles and rid of the cat, plunges abruptly Peeps and flashes. At the latest now it is time for the light to turn on. What you will see, is far from clear: The love cat brought prey home and plays with her before they eat. Also the American engineer Benjamin Hamm knows this show and had on the night of the Search and clean-up actions not in the mood anymore. That’s why he developed an intelligent cat flap that detects when the cat Metric want with prey in its mouth to the house and lock him up.

An adaptive algorithm detects whether the cat is prey in its mouth

For the programming of the algorithm Hamm, evaluated manually, more than 20,000 images. Times of hangover Metric, as it goes with loot into the house, sometimes without. Through Artificial intelligence, the algorithm automatically detects if the cat comes alone or accompanied and locks him in the latter case. The door a quarter of an hour closed.

The valve works according to a three-tier System. In the first stage, a camera scans, if the cat sits in front of the door. A cat is detected, the second stage. The algorithm then distinguishes whether the cat runs towards the door from the outside or whether she leaves the house. When she goes out, opens the flap, quite normal. The algorithm detects, that they come from the outside, it will initiate the third stage. The camera scans, whether the cat’s prey has it, and closes if necessary, the flap. Without prey, the cat comes into the house. Hamm hangover Metric takes approximately two seconds to cross the ramp in front of the cat flap. In this period of time the algorithm needs to calculate whether the valve opens or closed.

source: “Techbook”