The PS president of the Occitanie region Carole Delga deplored Thursday the “betrayals” of former PS figures such as François Rebsamen, Marisol Touraine or Manuel Valls, who approached President Emmanuel Macron.

“The French don’t want it anymore. The disgust they have for politics is all these betrayals,” she said on RTL, in response to a question about the three former ministers of François Hollande.

“The question of ethics, of righteousness in politics, is a question that haunts me. I decided to take inspiration from Jean Jaurès by re-reading articles he had written. It is interesting in this period of confusion”, declared Ms. Delga, who has just published “Jean Jaurès, convictions and courage”.

On a possible entry into the government, she reacted negatively: “I have already answered no to be Prime Minister, so I will also answer him no to be a minister. I am not for sale. I do not approve of the project of Emmanuel Macron”.

While her party signed an agreement for the legislative elections with rebellious France, Carole Delga opposed it and supports dissident candidates in certain constituencies.

In a press release, François Rebsamen, the mayor of Dijon, who had chosen to support Emmanuel Macron from the first round, said he was “proud of (his) choice, that of a man on the left, faithful to his convictions, but free and guided solely by the desire to make France succeed”.

“By using the word treason wrong and through, we trivialize it, we empty it of the gravity of its meaning and we end up reproducing the dark hours of witch hunts”, he added. asking if we should not “also qualify as treason the behavior of Mrs. Delga who supports dissident candidates to her own party”.

“To practice this accusation without restraint, there will soon be no one left in the Socialist Party”, he concluded.

05/19/2022 17:58:09 –         Toulouse (AFP) –         © 2022 AFP