Steam, the popular PC launcher, has introduced a new beta update that includes a powerful gameplay recording tool. This new feature allows users to easily capture, edit, and share their best gaming moments or embarrassing mistakes on both desktop and Steam Deck.

Initially launched in 2003 as a platform to update Valve games like Half-Life 2 and purchase digital titles, Steam has evolved over the past 20 years to become a comprehensive gaming platform. It now includes features such as forums, mods, DLC, streaming, and the ability to share guides and screenshots with other players. The latest addition to Steam’s repertoire is the Game Recording tool, announced on June 26.

To access these new recording and editing tools, users need to opt into the Steam beta branch. By navigating to the Steam menu, selecting settings, and then interface, users can choose one of the beta options, allowing them to start recording gameplay footage of any game as long as Steam is open and the overlay is functioning.

Valve has equipped the new Game Recording tool with various useful options. Users can choose to have Steam continuously record in the background while playing a game and can set limits on the storage space these recordings occupy before they are overwritten. Additionally, users can manually record clips and utilize basic editing tools within Steam to create highlights or review specific moments in gameplay.

Some games, like DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike 2, offer the ability to add custom markers to gameplay timelines, facilitating the creation of montages showcasing headshots or victories. Furthermore, users can export recordings as raw .mp4 files for editing in third-party software, share clips with other Steam users through chat or QR codes, and transfer recordings from the Steam Deck to a PC for editing convenience.

The new recording tool is compatible with the Steam Deck, enhancing the handheld PC’s utility and reinforcing Valve’s position as a leading PC store launcher. While some may prefer games to be available on multiple platforms and stores, Steam’s free, user-friendly interface and continuous improvement make it a favored choice among gamers. Valve’s commitment to enhancing the Steam experience demonstrates its dedication to providing the best possible service to its users.