Capcom recently announced that Exoprimal, their live-service dinosaur game, will no longer receive new seasonal content after its last update. The game, which was launched in July 2023, has received four seasons’ worth of updates over the past year. However, Capcom has confirmed that all planned seasonal content is now complete, and starting on July 11, past seasons will rotate in and out each month.

Despite the lack of new content, Exoprimal will not be shutting down. The online services will remain active, and players will still be able to enjoy the game with all its modes and content intact. Additionally, Capcom has added AI-controlled Exofighters (Bots) for players who are matched with only a few others or are playing alone, ensuring that everyone can experience the Hammerheads’ story and reach the game’s conclusion.

While it’s reassuring that Exoprimal will continue to be playable, the future of the game seems uncertain. Many live-service games tend to decline over time as players grow tired of repetitive content. By ceasing to add new seasonal updates, Capcom has essentially transformed Exoprimal into a digital zombie, existing with the same content for an indefinite period.

It’s a common fate for live-service games that fail to achieve significant success. Eventually, the publisher may decide to shut down the servers, rendering the game unplayable. Therefore, players who are interested in experiencing Exoprimal and completing its storyline should consider doing so sooner rather than later before it potentially becomes another casualty in the world of abandoned online games.

The news of Exoprimal’s stagnant development raises questions about the sustainability of live-service games and the challenges faced by developers in maintaining player engagement over extended periods. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s essential for game companies to reevaluate their approaches to live-service titles to ensure long-term success and player satisfaction.