A mulled wine for most of us, a visit to the Christmas market. So a Cup of mulled wine.

“The warmth of the blood circulation in the stomach-intestinal tract, reducing alcohol intake is accelerated and the hot drink unfolds faster its effect,” said a senior Traffic psychologist of the TÜV Rheinland, Karin Müller. The sugar contained promotes alcohol intake in addition.

A mug of mulled wine has exceeded in

A 80 kg heavy man got a mug of mulled wine around 0.35 per mil in the blood – and thus the critical limit.

“Because, from 0.3 per Mille, the risk of accident is twice as high as in the sober condition,” warned the TÜV expert. A woman of 60 kilograms after only a glass of mulled wine already has a alcohol level of 0.5 per Mille.

Who set in order behind the wheel is guilty of a misdemeanor. In addition to fines from 500 to 1,500 euros and three points in Flensburg, the offenders threatened to ban up to three months of driving.





violation of the 0.5 per Mille limit

… when 1. Time

500 €


1 month

… at the 2. Time

1.000 €


3 months

… when 3. Time

1.500 €


3 months

risk of transport under the influence of alcohol (from 0.3 per thousand)


deprivation of a driving licence, custodial sentence or to a monetary penalty.

the alcohol content in the blood is about 1,09 Promille


withdrawal of the licence is, A custodial sentence or to a monetary penalty.

see also: with residual alcohol in the car.

alcohol myths “is A mistake to believe that a rich meal will reduce the expected alcohol level,” warned the expert.Also the myth through the heat lose, the mulled wine is alcoholic, persistent. Alcohol evaporates but it is only 78 degrees Celsius. On the Christmas markets, the mulled wine is heated but temperatures of about 70 degrees Celsius to to lose the little bit of alcohol.Blood alcohol limit for cyclists

drunk in the traffic for cyclists is no Problem. Because if you do not have more than 1.6 per Mille and inconspicuous cycle, you are concerns.

learn how to 1.45 per thousand have an effect on driving a car and how to calculate your blood alcohol concentration.