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ExpCarry Boosting Service is a large team of professional players who help people succeed in computer online games and get the rewards, ranks and progress they want.

The service is currently available for games such as:

  • World of Warcraft Shadowlands
  • WoW Classic
  • WoW Burning Crusade.

With our vast experience and large team, we have completed over 300+ challenging quests, as well as over 1000+ intermediate level quests. Customers write reviews about us on trusted sites like Trustpilot and others. You can check out all the service items directly on our website.

Why choose ExpCarry as your WoW Boosting Service?

  1. Constant discounts, coupons, promotions on various products
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  3. Guarantees of services and refunds
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Opening services to the game WoW Burning Crusade

In our store you can already make pre-orders, as well as see and order available services. Expansion of the range will be frequent, so we recommend registering an account on the site and subscribing to the newsletter.

WoW TBC Boost services on ExpCarry

  • Power Leveling – Upgrade your character from any to the maximum level
  • Professions – increase skill in any craft from 1 to 375
  • Attunements – unlock Karazhan, Heroic Dungeons, Shattered Halls Key
  • Dungeons – Passage of all Normal or Heroic levels
  • Mounts – farm all kind of mounts
  • PvP – Arena 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, Gladiator, Coaching, Honor Farm
  • Farm – Items, Sets, Gear
  • Reputations – increase the relationship with factions to exalted

All categories are already available on ExpCarry and waiting for their customers.

Taking Orders for WoW TBC Power Leveling

You can already order power leveling character 1-70 or 60-70. The price depends on the time of the service, as well as additional options in the form of PvP servers, Stream.

We also provide a choice of zones, dungeons, quests or normal farm, but the price of the service may change.


  • The service only works in Account Share mode. All you need from you is a login, password and country for the VPN program.
  • The performer will play on the account at a certain time, if you want to log in, be sure to inform the manager for security purposes (may affect the timing of the service)
  • You have the right to request the progress of the character, by sending a message to our manager or a link to the stream
  • The deadline of the service will go strictly on the appointed date of delivery. If there are any problems with login, busy account or other reasons, then we will discuss it with the customer individually.
  • Report of the work done will be sent to your contact information, as well as on e-mail.

Any information about the service WoW TBC Leveling 1-70 Boost you can get from the manager on the website or other contacts of our organization.

Buying WoW TBC Power Leveling from ExpCarry you are 100% guaranteed to get your character just in time and with bonuses.