We didn’t know when he entered the Elysée, too young, too new, and it is perhaps this that explains in part his victory – against those that we knew too. Two years after, we know more about Emmanuel Macron, the president isolated in his palace, individualistic and omnipresent, which brings together all the powers without saying much more about who he really is? Has The Express, Corinne Lhaïk, Anne Rosencher and Eric Mandonnet, who answers our questions, put the question of intellectuals concerned… who are, ultimately, not much more advanced than we are.

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The questions we asked Eric Mandonnet

It is soon, the second anniversary of his entry into the Elysée, after a campaign like never before the Fifth Republic had known, marked by the abandonment of the title, the case of Fillon, a collapse of the traditional parties and a second round between the candidate of the extreme right at a young man that the majority of the French had discovered barely a year before. At the time, Emmanuel Macron was largely an unknown, is it less today ? Not sure, as he is struggling to get out of the crisis of the yellow vests, of which he is the main target, and that it focuses all of the attention as all the powers within the executive. With Anne Rosencher, Corinne Lhaïk and Eric Mandonnet, The Express has sought to know who was really behind the cold smile of Emmanuel Macron. Hello Anne, you have found ?

to try To remove the mask, you’ve met three intellectuals, the philosopher Marcel Gauchet, the economist Daniel Cohen and the sociologist Dominique Schnapper. Why these three ?Do they agree on the conclusion ?Marcel Gauchet says : Emmanuel Macron is more elusive. Psychologically and, most annoying, politically : it does not find any meaning to his action…Hyperindividualisme – when it is supposed to bring a collective project…

The Big Debate has crystallized these criticisms : the Great Debate, is its great debate, when it should have been one of the French…

Result, Emmanuel Macron focuses all the hatred, as we have seen with the yellow vests. One almost has the impression that he is nourished by it…It is the result of his speech, the fact that it presents itself as the only obstacle to populism, in France and in Europe ?When we claim to be neither right nor left, one is necessarily alone ?Marcel Gauchet even uses the term “exhibitionist”. But is this not the own of all politicians, the exhibitionism ?

beyond the character of Emmanuel Macron, there are the “macronisme”, which his supporters claim. The macronisme, it is Macron, in fact ?

How can he, or rather how the macronistes can they sustain their movement ?A political movement that boils down to the “pragmatism”, you ask the question to Daniel Cohen, is it still a policy ?There is a lack of vision, of breadth, no ?It is this which has been criticized after the announcement of measures intended to respond to the yellow vests : it is a lack of breath. He had yet during his campaign. Where, at what time has he lost ?

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Macron has the art of bouncing back, we saw it with the yellow vests, as we have seen with the fire of Our Lady. Can he get out permanently from the trap in which he is in part locked up ?