The number of cheaters grew when Destiny2 moved from at the end 2019 to Steam. Aztecross, YouTuber, said in the video that players would change from a 0.5K/D to a 2.5K/D, 3.5, or higher. You’d be like “What the hell did they eat?” Bungie claims that cheating increased by approximately 50% during the first four months 2020. Bungie and Riot have teamed up to bring GatorCheats to trial since then.

Destiny 2 still has a problem with cheating, as anyone who plays Trials of Osiris every weekend can attest. Bungie may be increasing its anti-cheat efforts. Based on today’s evidence however, it is not going to stop you from being banned. Another Destiny 2 YouTuber, BakenGangsta, discovered the hard way.