Just agreed the Ministry of defence, the armed forces Association and the reservists Association who may be called in Germany, is a Veteran. In total, there are about ten million people that can pin this honorary title now. Because the Definition is very far-reaching. Therefore, a soldier is a Veteran, as long as he was not dishonorably discharged from the armed forces. Is meant, so also everyone who has done military service. The term is so far removed from a war veteran, the Westerners can imagine someone who was abroad. The may have seen bad things, maybe even hurt.

Not to be from the Bundeswehr flew, this is a manageable condition for such a predicate, I think. My civil service, I have not done up to the end, I was also often sick. I also have the makings of a Veteran?

The defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen told the Bild am Sonntag, the veterans had in common, “that you have used in the Uniform of the German army for peace and freedom of our country”. I have used during my civil service for our country. Not directly for the freedom, but for his well-being. I was not Camo, but blue man, should not be overrated. I breathe no powder and not a gas mask worn. I’m suffocating almost under my breath protective mask, as I dragged tons of old x-ray images from a basement room to dispose of them. The people whose Thoraxe and knee joints to see no longer lived. The layer of dust on the files was accordingly bulky.

I worked in Facility Management of a Berlin hospital, ten months in, I came in the morning to 6.30 in the work of protection of shoes to the service. Our headquarters was a break room in the basement of a heritage-protected brick building, it smelled of detergent and coffee maker operating on a continuous basis. At the latest during the lunch break, a breeze of Whiskey-Cola below, which commented on the sober colleagues with the same spell, intervened: “I think your Cola is bad. Not that you spoil the stomach.”

During my service time, the hospital was moved to management, and I had to drag steel filing cabinets. These things would not even have been empty a bitch, but they were empty. I would rather have made a couple of pushups. I have a weed plucked from the crevices of the stone slabs on a porch that had been closed for years no one. With hoe and bucket and went they sent me in the knee-high jungle, without a back cover by a comrade. As a civilian I was what is called the Federal shoulder bald. I had no rank, so I didn’t complain.

The rigid hierarchy of the hospital was not dissimilar to the military. The higher ranked, they were recognized at the white coats, took me right. Greetings, I was nodded only of my kind, other blue men, the gardeners in their green pants brummten “meal” and the kitchen assistants in stained aprons wished already in the morning, have a nice evening. One of them – sinewy arms, prison tattoo was my way, even if I had to. He had one of his dirty jokes to get rid of the the Rest of the staff already knew by heart. They were all so far below the belt line, the Equator seemed to be closer. He had barely spits out the punch line, he laughed, panting, rolling he held between gebleckten cutting teeth.

Silence on the death of

in The Morning we gathered in the station trash. Of course we wore gloves. Nevertheless, we hoped that all the needles had been disposed of in the designated plastic containers. A former colleague is supposed to have infected with HIV, as a carelessly discarded syringe through the trash bag stood out. I thought it was a rumor, but I was still glad when I was able to strip off the gloves. With time, my respect in front of the hospital rooms, which had been cordoned off with regard to highly contagious pathogen growth. At that time, I began to disinfect me at every opportunity the hands. Going to the donor was the Ritual, the Sterillium to a kind of Holy water, it should protect me from the dangers of the hospital. I remember to this day the pungent smell of my finger when I bite into a Breakfast bread.

Three times a week a Truck with the supplies came to drugs. They were in sealed metal boxes, which we distributed to the stations. As I helped the driver the first Time when Unloading at the ramp, she called my boss: “Look out and up, there’s someone jumping from a roof.” On the top floor, the Oncology was there, the cancer patients were. At the time, I took him to the spell of evil, later I understood that his way was, to the transience. Not to mention to noble about death, he met him too often. In the basement, for example, where the coroner was. There, the ambulance pushed the beds that were covered up to the metal bracket at the head end of a sheet. Not always the sheets of the flowers were white and we asked in passing, what form of death had like to have. Actually, you didn’t want to know.

Veteranus so much how long is year. I was not even ten months there. The employees were decades. You have earned the title of honor, that you have held. Recognition you deserve also ensure that you have made my life a living hell. Although they knew that I would soon go to the University, where 10 am is not really what happened. Although did you know that the steel cabinets would not be easier, and the diseases are less contagious. You went back to, in summer and in winter, every Morning at 6: 30.