From our correspondent in London

In presenting his agreement in this country, Theresa May has summarized the choices available to politicians: to ratify the agreement, leaving the EU without agreement or… not of Brexit. At the headquarters of the campaign for a new referendum, in a tower close to the Westminster Parliament, we could not believe his ears. Until now, the first minister had repeated constantly that the British had resolved once and for all on June 23, 2016, the Brexit could not be questioned. By tactical policy, she was implicitly credible in another way.

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“The chances of a people’s vote has never been greater”

Chuka Umunna, labour mp

Mentioned as early as the day after the referendum in 2016 by a small minority of “remainers” (supporters of maintenance in the EU) disappointed, the idea of a new consultation has made its way. Last April, nine associations proeuropéennes gathered under a banner of common to call for a “people’s vote”, …

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