Elisabeth Borne meets the government at Matignon on Friday morning, to “define the roadmaps of the various ministers and share the government method”, announced Wednesday its services.

The Prime Minister intends to move forward on the priorities set by President Emmanuel Macron at the first Council of Ministers on Monday, despite the reserve period before the legislative elections of June 12 and 19 and the Ascension Bridge.

“During the Council of Ministers, the President of the Republic asked the ministers to be at work”, recalls Matignon. And so Elisabeth Borne “decided to organize this first working meeting to set everyone’s roadmaps”.

“It’s the Borne method: speed, efficiency and results”, adds Matignon, who specifies that this type of meeting is intended “to be repeated in order to have regular monitoring of the Government’s action and above all, to obtain concrete and fast for the French”.

Emmanuel Macron recalled Monday during the Council of Ministers his three “priorities” – education, health, ecology, and the “urgency” of purchasing power.

This meeting comes as accusations of rape against the new Minister of Solidarity Damien Abad have sealed the beginnings of the Borne government.

The new team also seemed to fluctuate on the arrival of the package of measures to deal with inflation, while the subject of purchasing power is the crux of the legislative elections of June 12 and 19.

The government, through its spokesperson Olivia Grégoire, put forward the idea on Monday of a “first bill (…) adopted by the Council of Ministers before the legislative elections”.

A calendar on which it was necessary to backpedal and provide details. It will ultimately be two bills – one on the measures, the other on their financing – which will be presented after the legislative elections, the executive confining itself to a simple “communication” in the Council of Ministers before the ballot.

But, reserve period obliges, “there will be no precise amount” revealed, according to a government source, but only “the philosophy, the modalities” of the measures.

Elisabeth Borne has already received bilaterally all the social partners, including the boss of the CFDT Laurent Berger on Tuesday, while the unions are upwind against the pension reform wanted by Emmanuel Macron.

“We are going to temporize. Because there is the new method of consultation, I am not sure that it will be done right away”, slipped a minister on Wednesday.

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