The vibration of the gun helps against Arthritis in the Hand. Spirals form at the end of bullets, pull crown in tangled hair. And what is the color but the Red, the cascade is like a thrown of crushing opponents on our clothes. In between, Claptrap, is a mad buzzing of imbecile, insane, annoying, and insanely iconic Mini robot. This is the world of Borderlands 3. And she’s … wait for it … INSANE!

The true Star of the game are the weapons

Technically Borderlands 3 is a so-called Loot Shooter with role-playing elements, in the Cel-shaded Look designed. The developer is Gearbox. It was published by 2K Games and was released on 13. September 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What is the name of the translated now? The true Star of the game is the weapons. A rocket launcher that has an automatic target acquisition? In. A pistol that can also fire grenades? In. A gun, the dangerous melee Skills? The thick of it! dpa/2K Games One of the new heroines in “Borderlands 3” Amara – a Nahkämpferin with magical abilities. Screenshot: 2K Games/dpa-tmn

The Arsenal is more imaginative than many a children’s birthday party – and at least as amusing. That Borderlands is not for the sensitive spirits, should be clear. This applies to the main actuating – fight – as for the Story, which is rather aimed at people with black, no, stop, blood-red Humor.

Maybe she is the coolest motherfucker in the world

in other words: Borderlands 3 is not the game that should delight his mother-in-law for Videogames. But you should try it! Maybe she is the coolest motherfucker in the world. But we digress. Or maybe not: Because you can even play the game. As one of the few modern Action Games Borderlands 3 offers a Co-op mode with Splitscreen. Very cool, mother-in-law will thank. dpa/2K Games such As drawn: “Borderlands 3” has the same cartoon Look as its predecessor. Screenshot: 2K Games/dpa-tmn

Less cool, the Bugs and errors to contend with where the game just has. Here, the developer should do a bit urgent with Patches. Because that is the only thing that Borderlands 3 protects against a maximum rating. Rarely shoot has been so much fun. Technically the game is top, the Sound and the graphics are convincing.

Who should only be healing in the escape to the front of searches, and in its Gamepad is more of a medium to the ball the purpose of looks, not necessarily access. 4 out of 5 fired remote-guided missiles.

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