Artificial intelligence is, according to the digital Association Bitkom, “the most important key technology of the coming decades”.

For the establishment of the corresponding solutions are called for, the Association on Tuesday in the run-up to the Digital summit, the ambitious measures taken by the Federal government. “For the economy, KI means a new zero hour”, said Bitkom President Achim Berg. “We need to be able to make the many opportunities of KI for all areas of life – from medicine, and the mobility and education.”

From next Monday, the Federal government in Nuremberg discussed the further strategy of how the digitisation in the country and strengthened can be accelerated. Artificial intelligence will be a key issue, only in the middle of the month, the Federal government had decided its strategy for the establishment of an appropriate solution. In order for Germany and Europe is to be a leading location for AI.

“AI-strategy of the Federal government is a departure signal,” said mountain. “Now we have to go to work.” As a study by the Bitkom revealed, see, in the meantime, 62 percent of German citizens in the field of Artificial intelligence more of a Chance, a year ago, the share thus stood at 48 percent. During 2017, although 47 percent of respondents AI rather than the risk of doing this currently, only 35 per cent. Also, with a view to the increasingly positive attitude in the population of mountain called for specific measures and an ambitious schedule. The annual 500 million euros from the Federal budget would not be enough.