The Berlin-based Internet-platform has launched a dedicated Portal for donations from private individuals.

Since 2007, have been able to gather associations and NGOs donations for charitable projects. Now the service is also open to individuals – for example, in personal emergency situations, or for smaller projects, such as the organization announced.

“a Lot of people like to help with projects in their immediate environment, in which a direct relationship exists. This personal aspect has a huge impact on the willingness to donate money,” said better place CEO Björn lamp. Who need to such as much money for an expensive Operation or development wool implement projects abroad, you can start with just a few clicks of a fundraising campaign and in the social networks. Per donation bed place charged 35 cents and a payment fee of 2.7 percent. The platform belongs to the non-profit Aktiengesellschaft

Since the end of 2018, the Test-Phase of the “bed-place”, in the since 1600 private donations have been launched. Almost half a Million euros have come together as a whole. International donations portals such as the French Leetchi, and the U.S. platform, GoFundMe, such private campaigns run for several years.