BitCraft allows everyone to join one “gigantic” procedurally created world.

A new MMORPG is in development and you can try it out this autumn. BitCraft is an MMORPG that combines elements from Valheim with a sandbox environment. You can play with your friends to build villages, farms, hunt, or just about any other survival game. It promises cross-play in an “gigantic”, procedurally generated world that hosts every player. Sign-ups are now open at its website for the pre-alpha testing. Everybody who signs up can also claim a limited-edition secret item.

Developer Clockwork Labs claims that the tests will take place in waves to collect player feedback and verify core mechanics. BitCraft will be available on multiple platforms, but BitCraft’s pre-alpha version is only available for PC. Clockwork Labs also released an announcement trailer in-engine that shows the art style and the many activities you can participate in.

BitCraft looks amazing in the trailer. The cool, striking greens and blues meet the stark deserts and orange sunsets. There seems to be a wide range of visual styles, from bright sunny days to dark nights at sea. You can also see characters cutting down trees and fishing, as well as a quick timeline of the building of a village.

Tyler Cloutier, co-founder of Clockwork Labs, says there is no combat.

He stated in a press release that “it’s a game which puts emphasis on cooperation rather than combat within our ever expanding world, a core value our gaming ethos and Clockwork Labs,” BitCraft claims that the game has “deep skills” and a strong focus on crafting, economics and cultivating. The trailer also features a lot of exploration and adventure, with one character traversing through many biomes. Alessandro Asoni, co-founder, said that it is important for players to be able to do whatever they like.


He said, “This ambitious MMO focuses on letting players do what they want, rather than handholding them through content.” You can create a small village, manage your own farm, or join a larger network of cities. Our players have the ultimate control over what this world becomes.

The pre-alpha testing will begin this fall. However, no release date has been set for the full game.