Villeurbanne was crowned French basketball champion for the third time in a row by beating Monaco (84-82) in overtime on Saturday June 25 at home in the decisive fifth match of the final. Yet led 2-1 in this Elite final, Asvel relied on its collective strength on both sides of the floor to win its 21st title, the third in a row after 2019 and 2021. In 2020, the season had was interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic and no team had been crowned.

Led throughout the final (1-0 then 2-1) before pushing the Roca Team to the fateful fifth meeting, Asvel continued their domination on the national scene with a hat-trick: 2019, 2021 then 2022. 2020, the season had been interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic and no team had been crowned. The “Old Lady” even adds a 21st French championship title to her record, the most extensive in France, while Monaco is still chasing its first coronation.

For the Roca Team, history seems to repeat itself: the club had already lost in the final of the Elite 2018 and 2019, already after a fifth meeting, and is slow to confirm its ambitions in France. This title rewards the experience and continuity of Asvel, which also came close to elimination in the first round of the final phase by being led 1 to 0 against Cholet, before reversing the situation. This happy epilogue contrasts with the disappointing course of the historic French basketball club in the Euroleague. Despite a good start in Europe’s toughest club competition, the Villeurbannais collapsed in the second half of the season, finishing in penultimate place.