From the “Boneyard”, the gridiron, the AMARG returns almost never a plane. The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group maintains the Central storage facility for decommissioned aircraft of the U.S. armed forces, directly next to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona. It is the biggest aircraft graveyard in the world. About 4,000 air vehicles are waiting here in the desert for eternity, or the slow Plunder because of their parts and dreaming of the return to active service.

Four months to repair

Even if that happens almost never. However, for a B-52 with the name “Wise Guy” went to the dream come true. In may, the strategic bombers took off from the cemetery. Over ten years he waited in the desert, and in 2008 he was parked there. Four months it took for a Team of 13 to 20 technicians, flight got the giants again. “Wise Guy” was lucky, because in his years on the cemetery he was looking for a replacement not too much cannibalization.

“The Jet had to worry cracks in the rear of the chassis and two engines were missing,” wrote Master Sergeant Steven. “It had to be replaced in addition, all Tanks and hoses, as well as the tires.” Also, the System for an emergency exit had to be overhauled. Here, the technicians, however, had luck. “All the parts needed for the repair of ejection seats, were in a big bucket,” said Master Sergeant Greg Barnhill. “We just had to put the Puzzle together.”.

B-52 nuclear bomber: Back from the dead – the B-52 returns from the Airforce graveyard back to Fullscreen

Colonel Robert Burgess at the successful landing.

©U.S. Air Force/307th Bomb Wing Commons message in the Cockpit

Boeing developed the B-52 end of the 1940s as nuclear weapons carriers. The first flight took place on 15. April 1952 instead. “Wise Guy” was made in 1960 in service. In the Cockpit of the bomber, the technician found at the beginning of their work, a message left by the last crew for you: “AMARG, this is 60-034, a Cold warrior, of the darkest days of the Cold war to the war on terrorism, for America to watch. Take good care of her … until we need you again.”

Colonel Robert Burgess, flew the Bomber in his new home to Barksdale in Florida. “It took four months, until everything was finished. For the crew a small effort but it was a great one for the technicians,” he said on arrival. It was only the second Time that a B-52H STRATO was fortress Bomber activated from the “Boneyard” again.

Second, the B-52 at all

of The Start Treaty on strategic disarmament, and limited the number of heavy bombers for the United States and for Russia. 76 B-52H bombers can keep the U.S. air force is currently in service. It can be reactivated, therefore, only a Bomber, if another fails in service. “Wise Guy” is the replacement for a B-52, which came at the Start in Guam in fire. 2015 has already brought a B-52 with the name “Ghost Rider” back from the dead. In February 2020, the Wise Guy will “fly” to a complete Overhaul to the Depot at the Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.

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Gernot Kramper