the new B-21 Bomber of the U.S. air force is little known. There are no photos of the plane, only a single rendered image. And yet, the project is well advanced, apparently. “Our next important milestone is the first flight,” said air force General Arnold Bunch about the “B-21 Long-Range Strategic Bomber”program. A Committee of the Senate, the General said that the program is exactly the plan in the allotted time. An exact date for the flight has not been called. Bunch said only that the first B-21 mid-20s.

“The B-21 is progressing as we would wish it to us … We have now passed the critical design review,” says Bunch. The B-21 is being developed by Northrop Grumman. The air force left the company in the year 2015, an order to the value of 21.4 billion dollars. It is expected that the bomber program will cost about 55 billion dollars. Of which at least 100 B-21 to be procured. Ellsworth Air Force Base, in South Dakota, has already been determined for the first location of the B-21.

Use of tanker aircraft will be able to attack the B-21 at any point on the earth. Even with the Stealth technology, a progress is expected. Currently, it seems as if the modern Russian air defense systems are capable of, the “invisible” Stealth Jets of the USA track. The B-21 is to again have a reliable stealth.

B-21 without the heat plume from the engines, upgrading the Tu-22M3M – this old Bomber, Putin wants to fit the US carriers destroy By Gernot Kramper

, the previously shown, the rendered images of the jet show no exhaust openings on the engines. The exhaust beam could be scattered so that the Jet is pulling no heat flag and no clear eddies of air behind. With the technical development to keep up is to be developed, the electronics of the bomber as an open architecture, so that it is easily possible to exchange individual components without the communication capability of the overall system suffers.

dubbed The Raider of the Bomber wears in memory of the Doolittle Raid. The spectacular air attack took place on may 18. April 1942. Converted US Bomber of the type North American B-25 Mitchell launch from an aircraft carrier, to achieve the goal. This “response to Pearl Harbour” had mainly a propagandistic meaning.

SR-71 Blackbird Nasa reveals new images of the fastest and most mysterious Jets of the world By Gernot Kramper

The B-21 is very similar to the older B-2, both of which are flying wings. A Design that goes back to a German aircraft from the Second world war, the Horten IX, The B-21 will have a crew of two people, but it should also be a remote operation as a drone. The price per Jet is about $ 600 million. The new Stealth Bomber will replace the B-2 Spirit, but not the age-old B-52 STRATO fortress. The B-52 completed its first flight in 1952, and to fly to far in the 2040er years. The machine could reach a hundred-year period of service.

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