The accompanying fan of ATSV Kirchseeon made for an imposing Fankulisse in the stands. With banners and speech, the team was driven choirs to the front.

showed the first game of the tournament, what makes football. “More, always more”, so it

would probably describe Oliver Kahn, what happened on the dance floor. Aßling I led with 1:0, was then but against the SC Rechtmehring with 1:3 behind. The Team of coach Stephan Ertl showed morale, and Luca Hupfauer was able to convert the threat of defeat with two goals in a 3:3.

The future tournament winner is ATSV Kirchseeon came from game to game always better and better. After two narrow 2:1 was Effected in the third game against Aßling I back and forth. Probably it was the loud support from the stands that the ATSV Kirchseeon had a few grains left in the Tank.

The scorers were celebrated, such as in a football stadium in the duet “hall spokesman with Fans” and the other spectators joined in. The 5:0 of the ATSV Kirchseeon against SC Baldham-Vaterstetten it was then, in part, to rapidly. As soon as the gates fell, came to the tournament in line with the celebration of the gates and Protect little more behind came from.

Aßling I the SC Baldham-Vaterstetten 0:10 literally “from the hall” had been shot, left of the SCBV in advance and did not want to stay until the awards ceremony. Aßlings Second not played well, but came on the sixth place. The first team of the host occupied behind Kirchseeon rank two.

In the last game, the mood was fit to the peak. The winner of the tournament wanted to achieve many goals and put accordingly. The result is a clear 5:1-the final victory. Unbeaten the ATSV were-jacks over square one to look forward to. After the award ceremony, the Fans and team celebrated the title accordingly.

“The B-youth tournament was an exclamation point for youth football. Overall, all the games were very fair, and it has hurt no one seriously. Also, that hall was always full, we are particularly pleased,“ said tournament Director Benjamin Beutler very satisfied with the two days of football pure. In the seven tournaments there were winners and losers, but remarkably, the organization and the atmosphere during the entire time. “A better the financial statements, it could not give”, was also Aßlings spokesman Felix Zeibe happy and satisfied. “Loser, I have not seen any, but the loss of material it was strange.” “No, I don’t have a game bag and also not a Fitbit bracelet or Shin guards” knew sales organizer Andrea Dichtl immediately, what would be the question, if you walked past the Kiosk.