Emmanuel Macron wanted to regain the initiative on Tuesday by consulting party leaders to find “constructive solutions” to prevent a political deadlock in Parliament, evoking a “government of national unity”, according to PCF leader Fabien Roussel.

Mr. Macron, “asked me if we were ready to work in a government of national unity” and if such an initiative “was the solution to get the country out of the crisis”, added Mr. Roussel, last of the leaders after being received Tuesday evening by the Head of State at the Elysée.

“He plans, or the constitution of a government of national unity, if there were the parties to participate in it”, or “to seek support on a case-by-case basis”, according to the “subjects”, specified the former communist presidential candidate, who dismisses the idea of ​​participating.

Previously, Emmanuel Macron’s allies had called for a “grand coalition” like ex-Prime Minister Edouard Philippe (Horizons), or to get closer to a “national union” , like François Bayrou (Modem).

François Bayrou, after being received, considered, without believing in a government of national unity, “that we can, while being different, and even being divergent, be responsible”. “There is a co-responsibility,” he said.

“We are going to have to form a large coalition (…) with people who spontaneously do not want to work together, with people who are committed to different programs, with people who have criticized each other”, judged for his part, the president of Horizons, who will be received on Wednesday by the head of state, primarily targeting his former family, LR.

With her, “I see that it is possible to imagine a frank, direct discussion, a compromise which will suppose that some go back on a certain number of positions”, he insisted, while adding that this ” could also exist with (…) perhaps the socialist group, the ecologists”.

The leader LR Christian Jacob, on leaving the Elysée Palace, repeated that the right-wing party refused to enter into “any logic of pact” even if it will “never” be in “the blocking of institutions”. A position contested by some elected LRs, others like Catherine Vautrin saying “why not” to the idea of ​​”grand coalition” proposed by Edouard Philippe.

The head of the PS Olivier Faure explained to Emmanuel Macron that the socialists were “willing” to “move forward” if the government took measures on purchasing power, in particular an increase in the minimum wage.

Marine Le Pen recalled that the RN claimed “the presidency of the Finance Committee” and the vice-presidency of the Assembly, reaffirming that the far-right group intended to be “in the opposition” but “not in the opposition”. ‘systematic obstruction’.

Emmanuel Macron is due to receive Julien Bayou (EELV) and the Insoumis Adrien Quatennens and Mathilde Panot on Wednesday, who was re-elected at the head of the LFI group.

The leader of the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon has already said that there would be no question of a national union. He attacked Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, urging her to submit to a vote of confidence by the deputies.

“This woman has no legitimacy,” said Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Tuesday, calling on him to submit to a vote of confidence by the deputies. “We are wasting our time before she leaves,” he added, saying “waiting for the fruit to fall from the tree.”

The Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, castigated the “lessons of legitimacy” of the former MP “to a woman who is Prime Minister and who was elected by the French”, recalling that the presidential majority “received the greatest number of votes and the greatest number of seats in the National Assembly”.

Emmanuel Macron sent a sign of support to his Prime Minister, refusing his resignation, “so that the government can remain on task”, according to the Elysée. She will also receive “next week the presidents of groups freshly elected to the National Assembly”, announced government spokeswoman Olivia Grégoire, after a “working meeting” in Matignon with the all ministers.

In office for barely a month, the head of government “is at work, she is preparing the next few days with the government, all the decrees that we must issue”, underlined Ms. Grégoire.

“The Prime Minister pleaded to stay in order to have the tools to deal with the situation and the emergencies of the French,” explained those around him. “There are many decrees to be taken in the days to come, including the revaluation of the index point, the second phase of Parcoursup… We cannot afford to have a government that does not manage this”.

“We are here to govern, we were elected by the French people to govern, we govern under the authority of Elisabeth Borne and the President of the Republic”, insisted on leaving Matignon the Minister of Economy Bruno The mayor.


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