A Closer Look at Astro Bot’s Gameplay and Innovations

When I got my hands on Astro’s Playroom on the PlayStation 5, I was immediately captivated by its stunning art style, clever level design, and overall charm. The game was filled with hidden surprises and enjoyable platforming challenges, leading me to believe that its short playtime was the reason for its packed content. However, after playing Astro Bot, the full sequel developed by Team Asobi, I can confidently say that this was not the case. The game is brimming with joy and excitement, based on the short segment I experienced.

The game begins in the world map, set in outer space. Astro navigates this area using a spaceship shaped like a Dualsense controller, allowing players to visit six different galaxies. Each galaxy represents a unique theme, such as a red octopus, a blue gorilla, a purple bird, a yellow lizard, a green snake, or a rainbow swirl. Although most options were locked in the demo, I explored the red octopus galaxy and started the first level, Sky Garden.

Sky Garden is a tropical paradise floating in the sky, featuring beaches, palm trees, and water pools. The gameplay kicks off with a flying segment controlled by tilting the Dualsense controller. As I landed and progressed through the level, I encountered various challenges and enemies to overcome. The introduction of power-ups, like the beach ball backpack ability, added a new dimension to the gameplay, allowing Astro to soar through the sky and underwater with ease.

The second stage, Construction Derby, took place in a planet under construction, complete with a giant robot gorilla wreaking havoc. The level was filled with exciting elements like a magnet item and a dog backpack ability, enhancing the platforming experience. Discovering hidden rooms and interacting with unique characters, such as a bot dressed as Parappa the Rapper, added depth to the gameplay.

The final level culminated in a thrilling boss fight against the red robot octopus, Wako Tako. Equipped with robot frog gloves, I faced off against the formidable enemy in an intense battle that tested my skills and reflexes. Overcoming the boss required strategy and precision, leading to a satisfying conclusion to the demo.

After completing the levels, I unlocked new challenges based on different shapes, each presenting a unique platforming experience. While these challenges were more difficult, they provided a rewarding gameplay experience that required practice and skill to master. The preview of Astro Bot exceeded my expectations, promising to be a standout title in the PS5’s game library.

With its engaging gameplay, innovative mechanics, and charming characters, Astro Bot is set to impress players when it launches as a PS5-exclusive on September 6. The demo showcased the game’s potential as a top-tier 3D platformer, offering a delightful and immersive experience for players of all ages. I look forward to diving into the full game and exploring all it has to offer when it releases.