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Assembly: The debate on the motion of left censure will take place this Monday


The destabilization operation of the left continues. The motion of censure of the Nupes alliance against the government of Elisabeth Borne will be debated and put to the vote Monday from 4 p.m. in the National Assembly, learned Agence France-Presse from a parliamentary source, Thursday, July 7. This timetable on this motion tabled on Wednesday, just before the Prime Minister’s general policy statement, was set at the Assembly Presidents’ Conference. Its adoption is very unlikely, the RN and LR not supporting it.

As a result, the start of the examination of the health bill allowing the maintenance of “braking measures” against Covid-19 is postponed to Monday evening from 9:30 p.m. In the absence of a vote of confidence “, which was not requested by the Prime Minister, who does not have an absolute majority in the Assembly, “we have no choice but to submit this motion of no confidence”, justify the LFI groups , PS, ecologist and communist, allies in the Nupes coalition, in their text. They thus intend to put “each and everyone face to face with their responsibilities”, explained the president of the deputies LFI Mathilde Panot.

The speaker from the LFI-Nupes group will speak first, before the government intervenes. The speakers of the other groups will then speak in turn for a total duration of approximately 2.5 hours. The ballot, organized in the rooms adjoining the hemicycle, will then be opened at the end of the debate for 30 minutes. Only Members in favor of the motion will participate.

To bring down the government, an absolute majority must be gathered, which seems very unlikely for lack of a rallying of the opposition. The left alliance Nupes brings together 151 deputies (one deputy did not however sign the text of the motion, the socialist Dominique Potier). The RN (89 deputies) and LR (62) groups have already indicated that they do not plan to vote on the motion.

More than 100 motions of censure have been tabled since 1958, but only one was adopted, in 1962, which brought down the government of Georges Pompidou.