As in the heat to protect the phone from overheating and spontaneous combustion: expert advice

the heat affects not only people, but also smartphones. In the summer they often ignite spontaneously, and this may happen even when the gadget is in your pocket. Every year the summer is becoming hotter, and the temperature of the above plus forty — is a threat to the smartphone and its battery.

Chapter Hi-Tech Dmitry Ryabinin told how to secure your smartphone in the heat. The expert recalled that most modern phones have a safety system: when the battery overheats, it turns off the smartphone. But in the off state, it can continue to heat up, reports RIA Novosti.

to avoid this, you need, first, not to expose the gadget in direct sunlight, the expert said. Second, in the summer, you should not use tight cases — they prevent air circulation. Third, the smartphone is heated also due to the “heavy” applications — in the heat not to run them for long.

If the phone is still extremely high, do not panic and try to cool dramatically (e.g., put into the fridge) — it gets really bad. Dmitry Ryabinin was advised to give the phone to cool gradually, avoiding temperature fluctuations.