“Home is where the heart is,” sang former home of Elvis Presley. Home is where Your heart is. Now oven manufacturers advertise: “Home is where the app is.”

BSH-Manager Roland Hagenbucher, speaks at the IFA in a speaker with a voice assistant: “Alexa, open the oven.” And the oven opens. Filmed by dozens of cell phones.

On the technology fair, which opens on Friday for visitors, are the great innovations for the kitchen and Laundry basement: voice control and networked devices – also in this year again. However, in the majority of the house to see the little is still. Networked home appliances accounted for according to industry sources, in the past year, only ten percent of the Total sales. Why?

the promise of the manufacturer: “We want to make life easier.” With the mobile phone as a command center. If both hands stirring pots in cooking, the oven via voice command to turn on. Dryer can be turned on via the App from the Sofa; the program recommends to the dryer itself, because he knows of the washing machine, which wash comes.

And for years on the IFA refrigerators with cameras – so that their owners in the supermarket can see what you have at home are still in stock. Sensors monitor that the fat does not burn in the pan and the cook via an App back to the stove. The heating is on-the-go set, and you can also measure how well the air is at home.

The Association of the Tüv in Germany has to ask what the customer holds back. Almost every second person is worried about his personal data. Almost as many worry that they depend too heavily on technology. Every third fear Hacker attacks. “People want their privacy also remains in the Smart Home is respected,” says Association chief Joachim Bühler.

Moreover, smart devices are also usually more expensive. And there are a variety of Apps, not every device with every application to use. “To keep this market continues to grow, do not need to improve in the future, only the compatibility of devices from different manufacturers,” explained the GfK market researchers. The privacy of uncertainties need to be reduced. And there needs to be equipment on the market, which bring a clear Benefit for the consumer.

why should people want the washing machine from your Sofa set, if you have to eh in the basement, in order to fill you? The new products should also stimulate the imagination of the customer. Because the home appliance market is stable, but the times are uncertain. More than every second Euro German manufacturers in foreign countries. And since the important Chinese market, for example, is just broke in.

“were The economic conditions in recent months in many regions is not easy,” said Reinhard Zinkann, the spokesman for the German home appliance industry, on Wednesday at the IFA. “Nevertheless the house industry is quite good, which makes us optimistic about the future.” Especially in Western Europe, another Trend is true the producers are confident that the combined devices, such as an oven, steamer and microwave all in one, washer-dryer and refrigerator-freezer combos.

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